Our Bathroom Renovation Story | When Things Don’t Go According to Plan!

This throw back post was when we decided to tackle a “simple little bathroom renovation”. It’s proof, once again, that when it comes to renovation, a person should actually expect things not to go according to “plan”.

Like my mom said, “Things usually get way worse before they get better!” And, in this case, it sure did! Read on for the series of hilarious misfortunes, and there’s also a link at the bottom to the bathroom renovation post when it was finally finished. It was totally worth all the hassle!

Sometimes the process of renovation is simple.  A + B = A neat and tidy before and after makeover ~ Kind of like the painted barker board project I showed you the last time I posted.

painted barker board with words

Other times, “progress” takes an unexpectedly long and convoluted route.  One thing leads to another and you just might find yourself  bandaging up your thumb wondering if, in fact, progress is happening at all!

I’ve decided that like many things in life, renovation “progress” is all about perception.  You might not recognize some of its faces, so let the current state of my home be an illustration.

If you were to stroll on over to my house this afternoon for a coffee time chat, you’d be greeted at the front door by this:


It isn’t exactly the Spring curb appeal I had in mind…  Although its a slightly embarrassing way to greet guests, it does in fact stand proudly as a symbol of the “progress” we’re making in our bathroom renovation.


The reason it’s been relegated to the outdoors in the first place is because of the sequential nature of “progress”.  It all began when the water pipes needed to be moved just 3 little inches to accommodate our pretty new vanity.  (More on that later.)   That little change in water pipe real estate required a little drywall to be cut…

drain pipe

…and then a teensy bit more drywall needed to be cut in order to accommodate a mere little 1 1/2 inch height increase in the pipes.

“Hmm…” my husband pondered while peering  up through the wall with a flashlight…

“What in the world are all these electrical wires for?”…

Oh. Dear.

hole in wall

Sometimes progress is measured with the sawing motion of an exacto knife.  Inch by inch, it reveals surprising details of the intricacies and oddities of the historical building process of your old house.

The process of drywall removal is halted only when most of the wall has become a heaping pile of rubble in black garbage bags.


And, although you may not recognize its beautiful face, that above picture is a huge picture of progress.  It was taken after the electrician was here and removed all the {ahem} “problematic” wiring.

light fixture

“Progress” is this beautiful new and safe plug in located on the correct wall.

drywall up

And the most beautiful “progress” face of all?

This new wall.  Although it’s the reason my thumb is now missing half its nail, it was worth every painful minute…

In the next few days we’ll be measuring progress by dustpans full of drywall dust…

I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!:)

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