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Add a Sprinkle of Seasalt…

Our poor bathroom sat with a big ol’ hole in the wall for nearly 2 weeks while we waited for the electrician to return from holidays.

important measurements 2

Up until the day before he arrived, though, we had our sink and toilet in there and running.  It wasn’t pretty, but it was functional.

During the waiting stage, I got antsy and wanted to DO something already!  I had taped swatches and swatches on to the wall trying to figure out what color I eventually wanted to paint the room.  {If you check my Pinterest Bathrooms inspiration board, you’ll see that almost every one of them is blue and white!}

It seemed each day I’d flip and flop over my first choice.

Finally, I decided it was time to just commit.  I find it very exciting to see a room transformed with color.  And, yet, it’s challenging to pick a color based on a teeny tiny paint swatch.

I researched online and studied tons and tons of inspirational pictures.  In the end, I chose Seasalt by Sherwin Williams.  We don’t have a SW nearby, so I took the swatch into our local Benjamin Moore and had them mix it up for me.

It sat unopened for days in my entryway, til’ one day I decided to paint the walls that are currently existing in the room.  I know that painting the walls at this particular stage of the renovation is technically “out of order” in the big scheme of things, but I decided to go with the strategy of “one wall at a time”!:)

I also need to see a good portion (or a whole wall) painted before I know if I really like a color.

Thankfully, I do.

seasalt paint color before and after

It’s peaceful and calm and changes color (in a good way) depending on the light.

And as I type this, I hear my handyman husband working away sanding and mudding the next coat on the new dry walled wall.

Woo Hoo…!  Oh, how I love progress!!;)

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  1. I love the color you chose! I can not wait to see what the room will look like when you are finished. I thought you would be doing some sort of blue on the wall when I saw your pintrest board earlier. I love the blue and white choice!

  2. Thanks for posting about Sea Salt. I’m very curious about this color. Love your wall! It’s exactly what I’m looking for: green-grayish, full of light and that changes the color now and then.

  3. Hi Rita,
    I love the Sea Salt in your bathroom. I am considering it for a dining room. Am I right in that it is a sort of greenish blue gray color? My dining room chairs are in a light teal and I want them to blend.

  4. Do you remember which paint you used from bm? Going this weekend to paint out master bath this color and I’m not sure which paint by them is best.

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