Help! I’m Decorating a Home on a Budget and I’m Stuck!

Because I’ve been there, too, this article sources out 6 places to find some help when you are trying to decorate a home on a budget and you’re stuck. 

A few months ago, I took an Enneagram personality test.

I read that my “6” personality is slow to anger (yes…), and quick to panic (also, very much yes). Decision making can be a long drawn out process for us “six-ers”. The analysis stated decisions “often require a committee’s opinion”. That statement made me laugh out loud.

Our personalities play a HUGE part in how we approach homemaking and room makeovers. In fact, I think it’s  helpful for us all to understand our personality tendencies, and give ourselves grace in areas that seem hard for us, but appear so easy for others.

Over the years, I’ve found some tricks to overcome that indecision paralysis stage of decorating. In fact, I’ve put together a Room Makeover (FREE) video course that outlines the simple 4 part steps to complete a makeover. (Click HERE if you’d like to try it out.)

Although I’ve used that formula over and over again many times, there are still times in the process that I find myself completely stuck! Here are some of the reinforcements I call on to get some help.

Places to find interior design help

6 Places to Find Help When you are Decorating a Home on a Budget

1. Facebook Groups

I know this might not be your first place to look, but I’ve discovered that some great advice can be found right on Facebook.

Search for home decor groups that allow members to post questions and pictures. Then the whole group can help with a design dilemma.

Just prepare yourself for a wild range of answers that are most not likely from “professionals” in the field of decor.

2. Your local paint store

Depending on where you’re located and what type of store it is, some paint stores have a full time on site interior designer. If you’re struggling with choosing a paint color, they may be willing to give you assistance free of charge if the aren’t required to leave the store.

Be ready to show her/ him pictures of the space you are working on as well as your inspiration pictures. Keep in mind, though, that offering advice via pictures is only a start. You’ll need to try out their recommendations in the actual light of your space before you choose.

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3. Home Decor Bloggers’ E-Design Services 

Some home decor bloggers have started services to provide digital services for home decor design. Here are just a few specific examples of what is offered. ( I’ve never tried any of these personally, but they all look amazing!)

4. An interior designer

I know. This is stating the obvious, but I’m officially giving you permission to seek professional help.:) Sometimes it’s wise to realize your DIY limitations and invest in some professional help.

Before you dive into hiring the first person you hear of, be sure to define what exactly you need help with. Maybe you have lots of pieces already figured out, and you just need help with one piece of the puzzle (like paint color or a furniture choice). The rates for just one piece of professional advice may be much smaller than a whole design scheme.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never worked with an interior designer for an entire project in my homes. I did get some help with a mood board and my couch choice, and I’m so grateful I did. After a year of indecision, it was time to call for help!

5. A friend (with good decor style)

Don’t forget about your friends. Some of them might just have a great knack to putting together rooms and would absolutely LOVE helping you choose something.

When I finally chose a couch style, I took my good friend along to help me choose the fabric.

After all, having over 250 choices was just too much for this Enneagram 6 personality to process!;)

6. Good Design Books

A friend once told me that if a person didn’t know how to cook, all they needed to do was read a cookbook!

The same could be true for interior design. If you are truly interested in learning, there are amazing resource books available. Two of my blog friends have written a book that’s hot off the press, and would be a perfect resource.

Book called "But Where do I Put the Couch"?" - a resource to help with home decorating

But Where Do I Put the Couch” (affiliate link) answers over 100 questions about interior design and home decor. It is to your home what “The Joy of Cooking” is to your cooking!

Filled with practical tips and beautiful pictures, it covers ALL the topics. From design styles to picking out rugs and paint colors, it’s filled with helpful information.

Other books that I’ve referred to over and over again can be found here in my Amazon Shop under the category “Home Organization & Decor Books”.


So, there you have it. 6 sources for when you wave the flag and call SOS in the design process.

I’d love it if you shared the areas where you struggle when doing a room makeover. Where is it that you tend to get “stuck” in the process? Please comment below. I’d love to help if I can!

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  1. Love your tips to find help with decorating your home, Rita. Nika is also a “6” (though I’m not so sure she fits the slow to anger part… never has. LOL!) I’m a 2 with a 3 coming up a close second. 😉 Fun stuff!

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