My Sister’s Colorful & Creative House Tour

I’m finding it a bit challenging to adjust back to “normal” after being away for nearly a month! After all that visiting, site-seeing, and coffee-shop stopping, I find myself wandering through the house wondering where I should start working!!:)

So, today, I decided to stop here in my little office corner and do a little blogging. I have a pile of pictures and stories to go with them. It’s time I get them written down before I forget the details…

The first stop is a tour of my sister’s darling house. If you are one of those who likes to know all the specifics of the family, there are 5 of us siblings ~ 3 girls and 2 boys. I’m the youngest of the bunch and this sister is the 2nd youngest.

There she is – the one in the middle. (Hi, Susan!;))

She graciously allowed me to photograph her place, and agreed that I could put up a little tour on the blog. As I edited these pictures this morning, I wished I had taken more full room shots, but it’s too late now! You’ll just have to put on your imagination a bit.

Susan’s house is located in the small farming town in Montana where we all grew up. Her house is actually in town, and we grew up on a farm 6 miles out of town. Her house was built a long time ago (I’m not sure of the date?) and extensively renovated before she and her family moved in. But, it still oozes “old farmhouse” charm.

As you walk up to her front door, you’re greeted by the cutest little porch…

Colorful & Creative House Tour

We sat in those comfy cozy chairs every morning and had breakfast…and then coffee…and then made plans for our days. It was so pretty!

The Entryway

Colorful & Creative House Tour

Her entryway is actually a covered porch ( I think), and she always has it decorated with cute furniture and vignettes.

Colorful & Creative House Tour

Her husband built that corner shelf unit from an old door. For Summer, her accessories were pops of sunny yellows, coral, and aqua.

Colorful & Creative House Tour

The Dining Room

Off the kitchen sits the Dining Room with the cutest coffee bar corner.

Colorful & Creative House Tour

She had her own coffee shop for a time, so she knows coffee well…and mercy, does it taste good!

Colorful & Creative House Tour

All the different flavors of coffee are in the jars on the shelf above, and other coffee supplies are in the lower cabinet.

Colorful & Creative House Tour

She had all kinds of cute mugs to choose from, but these happy yellow ones were my favorite.

Colorful & Creative House Tour

Following the coffee theme, her table centerpiece was so cute!…

Colorful & Creative House Tour

…and look what the clever girl did to some plain ol’ bottles! (It spells “home”.)

The Living Room

Again, I apologize for not taking any whole room shots. I was so concerned about photographing the details and vignettes, that I forgot about the rooms! Anyway, above her couch was a cute gallery wall arrangement with an old window as the main focus.

Colorful & Creative House Tour

Those painted jars (Snapple!) were the pops of color that she used as accents around the room.

Colorful & Creative House Tour

Her husband joked that the “S” on them were for Susan!:)

Colorful & Creative House Tour

She also turned one into a hanging flower vase!

The Guest Room

At the top of the stairs, at the end of the hall was the room she had all ready for us as her guest room. You guys…

Colorful & Creative House Tour

It was so pretty!

Colorful & Creative House Tour

She had thought of all the details so our stay would be comfortable and cozy. There was a pitcher of water by the bed with a little glass,

Colorful & Creative House Tour

our towels and washcloths were folded all neatly and set on the cedar chest, and there was even a fan for us to turn on if the room got too hot.

The Master Bedroom

Each room had pretty arrangements and details that fit into the space. I could have snapped so many more pictures, but I’ll leave you with the last one I snapped:

Colorful & Creative House Tour

Susan has – for as long as I can remember – been a creative person. I watched her as she drew pictures and put her rooms together since I was a little girl. Her creativity is still going strong, and I’m inspired by her resourceful ways of turning her house into a beautiful home.

Colorful & Creative House Tour

Thanks, Susan, for your incredible hospitality in your inspiring home.

…I so wish there weren’t so many miles between us…

PS. If you want a peak into some of my other relative’s homes,  the farmhouse we grew up in, is found here, and my niece’s beautiful home tour here.  And soon, I’ll show you my other sister’s kitchen! It’s a family affair around here.:)

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