25 Things – The One Room Challenge

  1. It’s a good morning.
  2. I opened the blinds and saw blue sky ~
  3. for the first time in 32 days. (Not that I’m counting or anything…)
  4. Blue sky and sunshine gives my soul a burst of energy ~
  5. And, I’m hoping it will get my body in gear, too.
  6. I have about a million and six things to do before the One Room Challenge Reveal tomorrow.
  7. I really tried not to be last minute about things, but sometimes the timeline is out of our control.
  8. Some of the main elements of the room just arrived yesterday.
  9. We were assembling them at 8 pm.
  10. Until they were here, I was a little unsure of other elements, too.
  11. So, long story short…
  12. The room is far from finished.
  13. Yikes!!
  14. And did I mention we’re hosting our weekly church group this evening??
  15. Double yikes!!
  16. I guess, though, this is the stage of the process that I love the most.
  17. It’s the part where today I’m going to pretend I’m Joanna Gaines ~
  18. You know that part of the Fixer Upper show where the kids & Chip have already come and brought cupcakes and she stays behind to “put the house together”?
  19. That’s what I’ll be doing.
  20. I’m going throw open the blinds to see the blue sky & sunshine,  surround myself with accessories and (maybe)go buy some fresh flowers and hang pictures and set tables…
  21. Until it feels like home.
  22. And then (hopefully) photograph it while the sky is still blue and have the post up tomorrow morning.
  23. That’s the plan, anyway…
  24. But, for today, you can see a sneak peek of one of my favorite parts of the One Room Challenge over at Kennary Ideas for the Home. 

Botanical Print Wall

How to Hang a Gallery Wall with a Gift Wrap Template

25. And, if you haven’t entered the Stocking Stuffers giveaway, you still can! It ends at midnight (EST) tonight. I’ll try to pop in tomorrow to announce the winner.

My Favorite Ikea Stocking Stuffers for the Kitchen

My Favorite Ikea Stocking Stuffers for the Kitchen Giveaway

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