What’s on your Coffee Table?

I don’t know about you, but I’m forever wondering what to put on my coffee table.  As I come upon pictures of living rooms I love, I often analyze what’s on the coffee table.  Here are a few that I’ve been eyeing:


I actually love every. little. thing. in this space…  But on the coffee table? ~ a basket filled with magazines, a pitcher full of happy yellow flowers, and some cute itty bitty pillows.


This one has an awesome blue and yellow scheme that I think is so pretty and happy.  Again, on the coffee table is a bouquet of yellow flowers!


Ahh…so calm and serene.  I’d just like to curl up and read a book there while sipping iced tea and listening to the ocean waves…  (I’m sure that room must be on the beach!)

I’ve experimented with lots of things over the years.  But, right now?  This is how my coffee table looks:

Spring coffee table

What’s on your coffee table?

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  1. you mean other than dust? I love all of those pictures and one day may even be brave enough to try and keep my coffee table from looking so used and abused!

  2. My coffee table is a mess of coloring books & markers! Can you tell I have girls!?! I used to worry about engravings, crayon, or marker stains on my wooden table, now I just embrace it, because every mark is a reminder of how great it is to be home. 🙂 (Plus, one day I’ll paint it – probably white!) Love your blog Rita!

  3. I would love a coffee table to dress up. I love yours,Rita! But my living room is too small. We have 3 armchairs, 1 side chair and a couch that seats 3 generously in a cozy 10.5×11 living room . Maybe some day…

  4. I’ve just finished dressing my coffee table with a few new things to go with the decor in the room. That is one plus about moving, you can change things around. Love what you’ve done with your table. Love the drift wood on the bottom shelf.

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