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The Happily Ever After Farmhouse Craft Room & Office Reveal

In this article:How a small townhouse bedroom was transformed into a bright, organized space with this farmhouse style craft room and office reveal.

I’m all about a good story with a fairy tale ending. Give me all the Hallmark with its sweet, predictable story lines, walks in the snow, and happily ever after.  They’re right up my alley.

28 years of marriage, however, has taught me that sometimes romance looks different than candle light dinners and firework kisses. (Although I highly recommend them!)

Today’s craft room reveal has a fairy tale ending ~ not unlike those of the Hallmark variety.

It goes something like this:

Farmhouse Style Craft Room and Office Reveal

The Happily Ever After Craft Room & Office Reveal

Enter the Main Character ~ The Craft Room

Up the stairs and down the hallway is my new craft room & office space.  Isn’t she a beauty?

Turbuckle Wood Shelves with craft supplies arranged with farmhouse style decor and greenery

Her turnbuckle shelves with a painted dresser underneath are holding a lifetime’s worth of collected craft supplies just waiting to be turned into something beautiful.

But, wait a minute!

We need to back up this craft room love story train.

2 Years Ago ~ The Craft Room’s Near Demise

Smack dab in the middle of our crash course of downsizing our home by more than half, I had sorted, purged, and organized my heart out. I was down to the last few boxes. Piled in the corner of the 3rd bedroom were my craft supplies.

Our son was arriving home from Japan soon and needed the room, so the boxes needed to go.

A Basket of Yarn and rolls of macrame sitting on a dresser top

It was the proverbial downsizing needle that broke this camel’s back.

“I guess I’ll just get rid of it all,” I sobbed to my husband.

And, that, my friends, was the start of my craft room love story.

After listening to all my blubbering woes, my Knight in Shining Armour calmly suggested that perhaps there was another solution.

The Craft Room Hero

He headed out of the room like a man on a mission.

You see, sometimes knights in shining armor ride white horses.

And sometimes they search a new downsized house until they find a spot for crafts.

That’s love, people. Twoo wuv. (Get that Princess Bride reference?;))

After being gone for a while, he came back with a big ol’ smile on his face and told me to “come look”.

Down the stairs and around the corner we went. He opened the door to the tiny closet beside the laundry room, got down on his hands and knees and told me to follow him.

With some creative contortions, laughing,  and thanking the Lord we’d both lost weight, we found that if we sucked in our tummies, crouched down low, and shimmyed just so beside the hot water tank, there was a lovely storage area under the stairs…

(Cue the Orchestra and heavenly music…)

…just the perfect size for all my craft supplies. (Insert all the warm fuzzies and heart eyes.)

Basket of paintbrushes with greenery beside it


Since then, lots of arranging and rearranging has happened.

Decor was once kept in a wardrobe in the garage. The crafts have been in the linen closet and the bathroom closet.

And, our son has moved into a place of his own.

With a newly empty townhouse bedroom, we just finally finished converting it into a farmhouse style Craft Room & Office.

Not only did my “knight” save the craft supplies from being ditched, he built some beautiful turnbuckle shelves to store them on.

Antique Wooden Desk Chair at a farmhouse table with a wall of shelves with craft supplies in the background.

The painted dresser holds fabrics, glue guns, and other super handy crafty supplies just waiting to be turned into pillows, signs or shelf decor.

And behind these beautiful new shiplap covered french doors is all my seasonal decor. (You can read how to convert bi-fold doors into french doors here.)

Office area with double closet doors beside it.

After being moved around all over the house, my farmhouse table turned desk has a beautiful new place to call home.

Farmhouse Table with Antique Desk Chair sitting at it with greenery beside and pictures of pink flowers on the wall.

I find this space a joy and delight to work in.

Not just for the beautiful light that shines in the window~

but for the real life love story memories it has.

PS. I’ve had lots of requests lately for some “happily ever after” marriage advice. If you’d like some, too, here’s some tips I compiled (from my married friend “experts”) to give as a talk at a Bridal Shower. (Along with a bridal shower gift idea.)

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