Bathroom Vanity Organization

These practical and easy ideas for bathroom vanity organization will help speed up your morning routines. No more scrambling around for those items you can’t find!

In the 8 houses I’ve previously lived in, I’ve discovered organizing the bathroom cabinets can be tricky. Here are some creative ideas to get the best storage space out of even the smallest spaces.

1. Choose a bathroom cabinet with smart storage space.

The main bathroom in our last home was very small with limited space for a vanity. (You can see the before and after transformation in this makeover post). We chose a vanity that had a clever drawer for small items storage, and the larger cabinet space was a great place for bathroom products.

2. Install a shelf above the sink to hold small bathroom items.

A medicine cabinet recessed into the wall is a great storage space for small bathroom items. However, another alternative to that is a shelf hung below the mirror.

You can use pretty containers to store items, and they are handy to reach.

3. Create a “beauty station” outside the bathroom

After dropping one too many make-up brushes in the toilet, I finally set up a vanity station in what I referred to as “The Walk In Closet” (in our former home).

4. Make the most out of larger bathroom cabinets

Perhaps lacking a bit in style, I find our current bathroom cabinets absolute luxury for its storage potential.

Normal daily use had made it cluttered and messy, so this week’s organization challenge motivated me to spend a little time getting it back in order again.

I started by first giving the place a really good clean. (It doesn’t always look like that above picture!;)).

Then, I moved on to the nitty gritty details.

5. Use drawers for Makeup & makeup brush Storage

The drawer on the top left is a handy place to put my make-up.

I emptied it all out, lined the drawer with pretty paper, and organized the items “like with like”.

makeup drawer organization

Rather than purchase new drawer organizers, I re purposed boxes I already had. Clear plastic boxes (from “Ferrero Rocher” chocolates) hold the items for “lips” and “make-up brushes”. A white box from another product I have holds items for “eyes” and “face”.  Now that they are organized this way, it is so much easier to find the exact item I need.

(If you are looking for specific bathroom vanity organizers, I’ve included a list of shoppable items from Amazon at the bottom of this post.)

6. Use lazy susans and plastic containers for under the sink storage

The storage under the sink is always tricky for me. It’s such a large space that things seem to disappear in the dark cavern under there. I’ll buy something new thinking I’m all out, only to discover 3 months later I already had some under the sink!

I took it all out and went on a hunt to find some more efficient storage containers for the specific items we had. Here’s how it ended up:

I eventually found a plastic container unit with drawers for lots of the small bathroom products. The drawers provide easy access to the items that might otherwise get lost in the back of the cupboard.

Bathroom cleaning supplies are corraled in a basket of their own and tuck under the plumbing pipe.

The handles on the baskets make them easy to pull out when we need to access something.

A clear glass jar with lid is perfect for bandaides and guaze – and is also handy to grab quickly when we need it.

under the sink bathroom organization system

Although I haven’t quite gotten to the label making part of this project, when I do, this is what the categories will be!:)

5. Use back of the cabinet doors for storage

over the door organization solution for blow dryer and hair styling tools

A nice over-the-door organizer is a perfect place for my blow dryer, flat iron and brushes.

6. Medication & Large Bath Towels Storage

Although I didn’t get photos of these areas, the cupboards underneath are perfect for stacks of large bath towels.

Medicines are stored in second shallow drawer in a small trays from Ikea.

7. Paper products and Towel Storage

Our quirky townhouse bathroom has a very large closet in it. Right inside the door are some handy dandy shelves.

(Pardon the horrible flash picture taken late at night!!) It had gotten to be a humble jumble mess of miscellaneous crafts and bathroom supplies.

Some of the items (like the cleaning supplies) were re-located to under the sink, and the rest was organized to be a little more efficient for daily use.

Washclothes are in the little basket beside the hand towels, and now there is lots of room for extra toilet paper.

If you are new here, this is week 6 of an 8 Week Organization Challenge. If you want to catch up with all the other previous areas of the house, check out this post.

Shop Bathroom Vanity Organizers on Amazon

I know how time consuming it is to look for the perfect items to get organized! I’ve hunted down some nice options listed below that you can get from Amazon. (Disclosure: They are affiliate links.)

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