How to Convert Hinged Closet Doors into Modern Farmhouse French Doors

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Learn how to turn hinged, folding closet doors into beautiful french doors in just a few easy steps.

The other day I shared our Entryway Closet organization system and mentioned the closet doors.

It was one of the first projects we ever did in our house, and it’s still a favorite.

I realized that in the rush of getting the One Room Challenge all finished up, I never really gave the closet project the credit it deserved.

So, I went back into the photo archives and  pulled up the process to show it to you step by step.

A folding hinged closet door is turned into french doors with shiplap in this easy diy tutorial.


I did a video explaining the process:

What the hinged folding bi-fold closet door looked like before:

convert bi-fold closet doors into modern farmhouse french doors

1. To convert the hinged closet doors, first remove the sliding hardware from the top side of the doors.

convert bi-fold closet doors into modern farmhouse french doors

(Once you remove the sliding parts off, they will just swing back and forth from the main hinges.)

2. Remove the doors completely off the main hinges. To stabilize the door and prevent it from folding, add a flat metal piece of hardware to the seam part of each door (where the hinges are) on the top and bottom.

(We found these at Home Depot.)

3. Turn the door into a Modern Farmhouse look by first trimming out the edges with 1 1/2 inch primed trim boards cut with miter corners. The trim was first glued on and then nailed with brads.

4. Add the shiplap feature to the front of the doors by using planks of 1/8″ mahogany plywood. (We had our local Windsor Plywood cut down the mahogany into 4 1/2″ strips for us. We then used our saw to cut them to the proper length.)

**Note, If I were to do this again, I would have painted the main doors the dark color before adding the planks. The white shows through in the cracks a bit and drives my crazy!!

*Update: We eventually painted the door white after all! You can see it in the entryway here.

Once the trim frame is attached, line up the planks with pennies as spacers.

convert bi-fold closet doors into modern farmhouse french doors

5. Attach the planks with glue and tiny brads.

6. Paint the door the color of your choice.

We used the same color as the feature wall in our Dining Room ~ Iron Ore by Benjamin Moore.

7. Once the doors are dry, attach the door on the main hinges. Install a wood trim at the top of the door frame so that the doors will stop together in the middle,

convert bi-fold closet doors into modern farmhouse french doors

and attach a magnet mechanism for closing.

convert bi-fold closet doors into modern farmhouse french doors

Add handles to suite your style.

(We found ours at Home Depot.)

Voila! From this:

convert bi-fold closet doors into modern farmhouse french doors

To this!

convert bi-fold closet doors into modern farmhouse french doors


Thanks for sharing!

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  1. I LOVE this idea and hate my squeaky entry bifold door. But I’m wondering if I could still make a double sided French door if I only have one bifold door? I guess I’d have to remove the hinge that holds it together in the middle of the door AND add a hinge somehow to the side, so it opens from the center. Seems more complicated and the Huz isn’t interested but….it would be so nice…

  2. So much yes!! We have the same tiny entryway and I’ve been looking for months for what is in my mind! This is it! Ours is open and I want doors back on it bc who wants to see ugly boots and coats and backpacks all the time!? LOL Can’t wait to show my husband – this is perfect!

  3. I love the doors and thank you for the YouTube video and pictures here. All of that information truly helps. I did not know about 1/8 door skin so am so glad you shared that tidbit. The new doors look fabulous and so modern. Did you have to attach any boards to the sides of the closet for the hinges? Nothing was ever mentioned about that part of the remodel.

  4. I love this but the shiplap look doesn’t go with my decor. Any other ideas for changing bifolds to “french doors” without the shiplap? Of course, that seam in the middle is unsightly. Thanks!

  5. I’ve been looking for instructions like yours for a few days. Yours looks to be the simplest of any I’ve seen. Thank you so much for posting this easy transformation!

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