5 Ways to Give a Small Entryway Closet Farmhouse Charm

When you live in a small space, apartment, or townhouse (like us!), the entryway closet situation can be tricky. Here are some small hall closet ideas if you’re looking to add a little farmhouse style with functionality!

5 Ways to add farmhouse Charm to a Small Entryway Closet | Simple ways to add farmhouse style to a small hall closet

5 Steps to Complete a Small Entryway Closet Makeover with Farmhouse Charm

Convert Bi-fold Doors into French Closet Doors

Most closets come standard with some kind of  small closet doors. Take a good long look at them. Could they possibly be removed to give a open “mudroom” feel? Or perhaps they could be made over to look a bit more farmhouse or stylish with a simple DIY project or paint?

Take the boring ones we started out with as an example:

Small entryway closet with small hallway closet doors

They were plain, old bi-fold doors that were a pain to wrestle open and close. A simple diy project turned them into these faux shiplap french closet doors!

Bifold closet doors turned into shiplap french doors in a small hallway entryway closet

You can get the tutorial and details on how to do that yourself by clicking here.

(We also did the same technique on our craft room & office closet doors. See the makeover reveal post here.)

Just changing the doors by removing them, altering them,  painting them, or adding different hardware can make a world of difference!

Make it an easy-to-use entryway coat closet

Wall hooks are a classic element of farmhouse style.  Why not add some into your small entryway situation? Personally, I’d much rather throw my coat up on a hook when I arrive home than to struggle with hangers! Simply removing the existing coat hanger rail and installing hooks will totally transform the look and feel of a small closet entryway space.

Organize entryway items into stylish containers

Think of all the things you like to have easy to grab as you are rushing out the door. At our house, it includes hats, scarves, mittens, & keys. Once you gather all those things together, think of stylish solutions to organize them and still make it easy to retrieve quickly.

A shelf above the coat hooks is a perfect place to store wicker or galvanized baskets. And don’t forget to add some pretty labels so you and your family can put things back easily.

A small shelf with hooks (like this) could be a solution for your key and mail drop off center.

Add a bench or shoe shelf, or a combination of both

Remember when I told you to rethink the door? If you think you’d like to live without one, you could have the option of adding a bench below your coat hooks. It could have a lift up seat for additional storage, or have shelves for shoes underneath.

I chose to keep the doors on our closet (since the entryway is literally in our living room!). We opted for 2 lower shelves for shoes. It works like a charm!

Perk up your entryway closet with pretty decor

Now that all the functionality issues of your small entryway have been addressed, it’s time to pretty things up with decor! The sky is the limit in this department.

Last year, we painted the insides of our exterior doors a dark color (“Raccoon Fur” by Benjamin Moore), so I repainted our entryway closet doors Simply White. I really loved the changes in paint color, but always thought it needed a bit more “life” in that corner of our space.

2 homemade boxwood wreaths and a sign above the door did the trick!

It’s now the cozy, happy welcoming space that I was wishing for.

If you want to see a fun trick I used for hanging up the picture above the door, check out the highlights in my Instagram channel saved as “Entryway Decor.

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