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Free O Happy Day Wall Art Printable

Freshen up your decor with this cheery (and free!) O Happy Day wall art printable!

Yesterday I visited my family in Montana.

For hours we sat and visited. We drank coffee, looked at paint swatches, fixed our lunches, laughed at old stories, and smiled into each others’ eyes.

All thanks to modern technology and the marvelous wonder of video calling.

It was a happy day.

As I was going for a walk last evening, I was still smiling at the memories and feeling so grateful for the day.

In fact, I started humming the tune, “O Happy Day…”

It made me remember that weeks ago I made a free printable with that saying.

So, today, I want to share it with you. I pray that it will help remind you of the little things in a day to be grateful for…

How to Use Your Free O Happy Day Printable Wall Art

Print off the printable on your home computer using cardstock weight paper.

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Put your printable in a frame, tack it to a bulletin board, tape it to the wall, or put it anywhere where you’ll see it and make you smile!

I have printable artwork all over my house! If you need some ideas of how to use free printables, I’ve used them

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  1. Love the printable Rita. I to am feeling so grateful for modern technology that lets us visit face to face through FaceTime and video chats.

  2. I love your printables, Rita! Thank you for sharing! Isn’t technology amazing?! I was just talking to my husband about how fortunate we are that even though we are distancing, we can still “see” friends and family!

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