A Work From Home Office Setup You’ll Love Working In

Have a work from home office setup running in no time with these 6 simple tips and essential equipment pieces. You’ll love working in your new space!

As a home decor blogger living in a relatively small space, I’ve had lots of experience working from home.

Over the years, I’ve experimented with a wide range of home office ideas and setups.

The good news is, it really doesn’t require a ton of space or equipment. Here are 6 tips to help you get your work from home office set up and running quickly and easily.  

best home office setup tips

Tips for a Home Office Setup You’ll Love

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Choose your favorite flat surface and use it as a work from home desk 

Work from home office desks don’t have to be complex. Choose a flat surface you love and make it your desk.

Notice that I didn’t start out by saying you need to rush out and buy a desk? You certainly can, but you don’t need to!

In fact, I haven’t worked on an actual desk for years. I’m currently typing out this blog post on an antique farm table I rescued from the elements and refinished. Any flat surface will do. Just choose something that fits in the space you have to work with.

Think of your back when choosing an office chair

If you’re going to be spending hours and hours at your home office “desk”, you’ll need to find a chair that helps you sit with proper posture. Trust me, I’ve learned what not to do the hard way!

I currently am using a hard backed dining room chair with a pillow for my lower back. It helps me to sit up straight, and is the right height for my (short) legs to touch the floor. If you need to, put your feet on a step stool so you can keep them flat on the floor.

*Update; I upgraded to an ergonomic office chair (similar to this one) that I found for sale on our local buy and sell group. It is much better for my back!

Find a space to claim as your “office”

a masculine work from home office with a dark accent wall and wooden desk

Ideally, it’s lovely to have a separate room to specify as a dedicated work from home office space. Once our boys moved out on their own, my husband and I each claimed a bedroom and converted it in our home offices. It works marvelously.

His rustic office space is the spare bedroom with long floating shelving units for storage and an antique desk for working on.

My office doubles as the craft room with turnbuckle shelves and decor storage space.

However, before we were able to spread out and claim rooms, my “office” was smack dab in the middle of the hub of our home. I tucked my farmhouse table desk in front of some lovely windows in our living room.

At that time, I figured out how to organize all my office supplies in a Billy Bookcase systems and office drawer supplies in my dining room buffet.

Invest in Key Home Office Equipment Pieces

In order to work effectively and efficiently at home, it is essential to have key equipment pieces in place. Here is my list of must haves:

  • Good internet connection – We needed to purchase this wi-fi extender to make ours work faster.
  • Printer/Photocopier/ Scanner in one – Helps when you need to scan & send documents.
  • Computer – I love the flexibility working with a laptop provides. My old one is on its last leg, though, and I’ll be looking into purchasing a new one soon. 
  • Small electronic device like iPhone or iPad. I use an iPad Mini 4 
  • External Hard Drive

Plan ahead when setting up a home home for remote work

Planning a work collaboration? Chatting with your people on Facebook or Instagram Live? Meeting with your international mastermind group via Zoom on Thursday at 3?

All of these scenarios are easy and possible now with the use of iPad minis, iPhones, and computer webcams.

Today on my Facebook page, I went live to discuss my top tips and equipment that I recommend for communicating with people on devices. The tips are applicable for work scenarios as well as chats with Aunt Barb or Grandma Kay.

You can watch the live below, or read on for the information.


Tips and equipment recommendations for communicating with people on devices for remote meetings:

  • Place your iPad or phone in a mount so your camera is steady and you can be hands free. I use this tripod mount and this gooseneck mount. I can’t recommend using a device mount strong enough. It is a small investment that will make your life so much easier!
  • If possible, set up your camera and stay put. It’s hard to watch someone walk through a house with the background blurry and spinning.
  • Position yourself facing a light source. A window is best. Although not necessary, a ring light like this is super helpful if you find yourself doing a lot of video recordings in low light situations.
  • Look up to the device’s camera! It will make you look 20 years younger and 10 pounds thinner. Trust me. Just do it.;)
  • Dress for the occasion. Before you answer that video conference call or go on a live video, check yourself before you answer. Make sure your pants are on…;)

Get organized with work from home office supplies

Each person’s work style is unique and will require systems that work well for them. I personally like to have the following home office storage pieces to help me stay organized:

You can read in more detail my office organization systems and how to organize paper clutter here along with free printable labels for office organization.

Add office accessories that fit your personality and make you smile

No matter how small your work space is, add a little of your personality into it. Put a small framed picture of your family beside your computer. Hang an inspirational quote on your wall. Paint the walls a color you love. Make sure you have adequate light to work in.

When my husband heard I was writing this post, he had one piece of advice. As per his recommendation, he thinks every office space needs one of these Mova Globes. It sits and spins peacefully on his desk every day and he loves it!


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  1. Great tips, Rita! I enjoyed seeing both your office and your husband’s.

    Before all of this scariness started, I purchased an office desk similar to your husband’s to use in our lake basement. I’m looking forward to refinishing it and setting up a home office at the lake. At home, I use a vintage teacher’s desk that I found at Goodwill and refinished. I love having my cozy corner in our office to work on my blog. You can see my desk here https://www.virginiasweetpea.com/vintage-teachers-desk-makeover/.

    In our home office, my husband has two desks but both are occupied with too much “stuff” so he has set up his temporary work office on our kitchen table.

    I have enjoyed all of the posts that you’ve shared this week!

  2. I love your tips for building a home office… I especially love YOUR desk… I need one JUST like that, but they are not easy to find. I may have to make one? *goes to put on list* Pinned!

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