7 Simple Paper Storage Ideas + Free Printable Labels for Organization

In this article: These 7 simple paper storage ideas for your small home office will help you find the perfect place for everything!

Now that we’ve dramatically downsized our home, I find it’s necessary to keep close tabs on the clutter that creeps in. (Where does it all come from??)

After a few weeks of busy projects, my small home office was buried in PAPERS!

I found myself constantly rummaging through piles of them to find the one piece I needed. It was driving me crazy and making life seem much more complicated than it should be.

So, the other day, I spent a few focused hours going through the room and rethinking the whole space. It does double duty as my office and craft room, so a lot is going on in there!

But, I wanted to simplify it and make systems that were incredibly user friendly. Here’s how it ended up:

Since the room is used primarily as an office space, I decided to let the “office” part of it shine. Going through the paper clutter made me realize I needed to implement some strategic paper storage ideas to have a place for everything I need at my fingertips.

Here are 7 Simple Paper Storage Ideas & Solutions

(that have helped my small home office organization immensely!)

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A dresser with floating shelves above it with office supplies - like a printer, desktop file, and trays of printer paper sitting neatly on them.

1. Store printer paper in paper trays near the printer

I know this seems like a no-brainer, but I was constantly looking for my printer paper. Having simple paper trays dedicated to copy paper and cardstock make it so much easier to quickly get my hands on exactly what I need.

A two teir horizontal traysystem with printer paper in one tray and cardstock in the other.

2. Sort papers into categories and file in a desktop hanging file folder

A desktop hanging file folder with bright colored folders in it.

As I sorted through piles and piles of papers (and threw a LOT out!), I discovered that what I wanted to keep were divided into specific categories. As a blogger, I’ve taken some courses and have ongoing resources that I refer to. Having them categorized nicely in a desktop hanging file organizer now makes them easy to find.

3. Store extra office paper upright in magazine holders

Magazine holders with paper stored in them with labels on each one.

I know, I’m a bit of a lined paper hoarder ~ but I use it all the time! I found that these sturdy plastic magazine holders that were sitting un-used worked perfectly for paper storage. They tuck away nicely in the office closet.

4. Hang a nice, big calendar

A large calendar hanging on a bulletin board.

This month I ran into more than one issue because I didn’t have appointments written on a CALENDAR! I have tried so many calendar options, but finally just and bought one similar to this one. It’s nice and big and I can write all the things on it…in one place!

5. Use a daytimer organizer that works for your personality

A desktop day-planner sitting on a desk.

Although I spend a lot of time online, I find it difficult to organize my schedules and lists digitally. This type of day-timer planner is my favorite. I buy a new one every year, as they just seem to work well for me.

6. Use a bulletin board to post papers you refer to often.

A bulletin board hanging above a desk with papers hung on it.

Although I was hesitant to hang up a bulletin board for fear it would look messy, I find it incredibly practical! I hang up papers that I refer to often, and again, I don’t need to search the world over for them.

I also like to have a jar of pens, and lots of pads of paper and sticky notes close by.

7. Use printable labels and label everything!

Printable labels in pretty colors and designs.

This time, I took the time to label all.the.things. It helps immensely! I labeled my binders, magazine holders, and file folders, and it just feels great.

I designed some labels and printed them out on cardstock. And, I made a set of printable labels for you to use, too! I made them blank so you can fill them in to lable whatever you’d like with them. To get your own set, head on over to the VIP Printables Library.

If you aren’t a VIP, click on the button below to get access to the growing collection of free printables and snag your own printable office labels.

Having a room that is tidy and organized seems to help my brain function more efficiently, too.  Less clutter=less searching!

For more organization ideas:

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  1. Your office looks fantastic. I like that it looks nice but it is also functional. I tire of those magazine articles that show huge rooms with tons of architectural features that have thousands of dollars spent on decor and furniture. There is never any sign the room is ever used! I have 6 of those little plastic carts that have three pretty deep drawers. They are often on sale for $10-15 dollars. They allow you lots of options for storing things like manuals/direction guides, extra office supplies , paper plates and cups and wrapping paper, etc. I have two stacked in each end of my office (stacked because I overloaded them when I moved and the wheels broke) =12 drawers. They pull out easily for cleaning. I have two other carts (black) under my desk which neatly handle paper supplies, etc. It is a neat but very cheap solution.

    I enjoy your blog,

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