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Give Yourself Permission to Love the Home You Have | Podcast Episode 3

Episode 3: Show notes

Do we have to wait until we’re in our “forever home” before we take steps to make our “now” home feel and function its best for our families?

I say, no! Give yourself permission to love the house you’re in NOW. What are you waiting for?

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Introduction to this podcast episode:

I credit my love for old fixer upper houses to the big white farmhouse in Montana I grew up in. It’s over 100 years old now, and had all kinds of quirks.

Click PLAY on this episode to listen to the funny stories of my childhood farmhouse’s bizarre bathroom, and how it helped me learn to fall in love with old fixer upper farmhouses later on.

Parts of this podcast episode:

  • The place & unique situation where our homemaking journey began.
  • A most memorable apartment for a family of 4.
  • Our fixer upper house #1
  • Our fixer upper house #2
  • The challenge of contentment and change

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More about our Podcast

The Harbour Breeze Home podcast is hosted by Rita Joy, author of the Harbour Breeze Home blog. With lighthearted conversation and storytelling style, Rita Joy will share tips and tricks to help you take steps to help make your home look and feel its best. Watch for new shows coming your way on Mondays.

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Why Wait? Give Yourself Permission to Be Grateful For Your House Now.

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  1. I am absolutely loving your podcast Rita! It is like sitting down with an old friend and having a chat! Can’t wait to listen to the next one!

  2. I love listening to your podcasts! It is so good to hear your voice anytime I want to! You are so good at your blog and now these podcasts!! You definitely found your “thing”!! Congrats on your success and sending much love!!

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