Extra Letter “U”s and Other Canadian Quirks | Podcast Episode 2

Episode 2: Show notes

When people first meet me online through video, I often get 2 questions – Where is that accent from and where do you live?

So today’s stories tell how this Montanan farmer’s daughter ended up in Canada, and some of the fun Canadian quirks where I live now.

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Introduction to today’s Life Lesson:

Hi, Sweet Friends, and welcome to the Harbour Breeze Home podcast. I’m your host, Rita Joy, and today I’m going to share with you how I ended up here in Canada and some fun little quirks of living here.

So, click PLAY on today’s episode to hear a little of my Canadian love story, a simple geography lesson, and some fun Canadian quirks.

Parts of today’s podcast

  • How a Montana farmer’s daugther ended up in Canada
  • A little Canadian geography and climate lesson
  • The one question that can’t be answered
  • Fun Canadian quirks and characteristics

Want to see some Canadian scenery?

Here are some travel posts that will give you some glimpses of the beauty of Canada.

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The Harbour Breeze Home podcast is hosted by Rita Joy, author of the Harbour Breeze Home blog. With lighthearted conversation and storytelling style, Rita Joy will share tips and tricks to help you take steps to help make your home look and feel its best. Watch for new shows coming your way on Mondays.

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