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Podcast Trailer: Show notes

Welcome to the all new Harbour Breeze Home podcast! I’m Rita Joy, your host, and I’m crazy about all things HOME. With simple tips & tricks for home decor, organization, & recipes, I love to help YOU take steps to make your everyday life & home the best it can be.

So welcome here, Sweet Friend. Let’s learn and laugh together!

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In this Trailer we cover:

  • What this podcast will be about.
  • How everyday life is made up of ordinary things most of the time.
  • Home is where lots of ordinary life happens – and we want to make the most out of it!
  • The Harbour Breeze Home podcast will be easy going conversations about everyday ordinary life and learning tips and tricks to help make our homes feel and function the best they can.
  • Occassionally, we will cover other life lessons topics (like maybe mid-life?) and heart to heart conversations as we learn and laugh together.

More about our Podcast

The Harbour Breeze Home podcast is hosted by Rita Joy, author of the Harbour Breeze Home blog. With lighthearted conversation and storytelling style, Rita Joy will share tips and tricks to help you take steps to help make your home look and feel its best. Watch for new shows coming your way every Monday morning.

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