Travel to Mount Washington on Vancouver Island in Summer

See what Mount Washington on beautiful Vancouver Island has to offer visitors in the Summer!

This Summer, my husband and I have been on a mission to explore our own big backyard and travel Vancouver Island, BC. Whenever time and weather allows, we venture to a new-to-us spot, and check it out.

So far, we’ve discovered gorgeous Myra Falls, gone on a day long boat adventure around the islands, and checked out some amazing beaches (that I still need to document here on the blog.)

Yesterday, we headed to Mount Washington. It’s a gorgeous place to visit in the Summer.

What is there to do on Mount Washington (on Vancouver Island) in Summer?

Winter snow activities on Mount Washington are replaced with Summer ones!

The main lodge of Mount Washington is bustling in the Winter months with skiers, snowboarders, and snowshoers. Its mountain top village has lots of rent-able condos, apartments, and cabins -perfect for those who want to ski all day and relax in comfort in the evenings.

Yesterday, we saw lots of bikers using the Summer mountain bike paths – as well as the road up and down the mountain. (Now, there’s some good exercise!) There are also the options of zip-lining and riding the ski-life gondola to the mountain summit.

During normal Summer months, Mount Washington has a beautiful lodge dedicated to wedding venue rentals. We had the privilege of a sweet wedding celebration there a few years ago. It really is a spectacular place to get married! Of course, this year that was all closed down and quiet…

Mount Washington is a destination place for day hikes and overnight camping

What wasn’t quiet was the parking lot near Paradise Meadows. It was jam packed full of cars! Many, many people were out enjoying a perfect day of sunshine, blue sky, and a slight mountain breeze.

Paradise Meadows on Mount Washington is a gorgeous walking path. Most of it is a meticulously maintained boardwalk path. We met families with babies in strollers, senior citizens, and everything in between. We loved the friendly spirit among the people as they walked and hiked along. We often shared a smile and greeting – while maintaining appropriate distance, of course!

Tourists can choose short walks or multi-day hikes from the Mount Washington hub

The Mount Washington trail system allows visitors to choose different levels of hikes. Some are short and easy, and others more adventurous. Last year, my husband and son hiked to Mount Albert Edward starting at Mount Washington. It was an overnight backpacking adventure for them.

Mount Washington provides refreshing, beautiful scenery

As we strolled along our walk to Battleship Lake yesterday, we saw

  • gurgling brooks,
  • swimming ducks,
  • wildflowers,
  • stellar jay birds,
  • wild blueberries,
  • refreshing lakes
  • and trees gallore.

As we sat on a bench to grab a drink of ice water from our pack, we commented on the beauty of it all.

One of my Instagram followers commented the other day that, “If it is that beautiful on earth, what must Heaven be like?”

I’ve contemplated that very thought, and my mind just can’t comprehend.

How grateful I am for the One who so carefully put together such beauty for us to enjoy – and to see a glimpse of how great He is.

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