Sweet Celebrations

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A few days ago, we sat at the top of a mountain. The sky was blue, sun was shining, and mountain flowers were blooming.

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The weather was co-operating in the most perfect of ways.

The view from our seat was breath-taking.

mountain view

And, there on that perfect blue sky day under a simple wooden canopy,

wedding canopy

we watched the sweetest celebration.

Our friends’ daughter married our other friends’ son.

It was a beautiful, full circle moment.

You see, years ago we met both sets of parents of the bride and groom at a Bible study on parenting. We laugh now at the memories of those toddler filled days, and love that two of them grew up to marry each other!

The wedding details were oh, so cute and I decided that if I were to get married again (don’t worry, I’m not!) I’d probably choose some of the same details:

t & j ps

…Mason jars filled with hydrangeas, wood slice centerpieces, and homemade jam as the take home favor for the guests.

jam ps

{Isn’t it cute?}

In the middle of all the speeches and games and roast beef and dessert, someone made a comment that I’ve been pondering ever since.

“We don’t celebrate enough these days.”


Don’t we?

It’s made me ponder the definition of “celebration”. What’s classified as “celebrating” anyway? Is it just big events like weddings, or could it possibly be an accumulation of little “mini celebrations” on a regular basis?

I’ve never been a huge fan of events where people mill about in masses ~ (although this wedding was really very fun for me!) ~ but I do love simple little events with small groups of people.

Years ago, I had a tradition with a group of friends. We would all go out for lunch on each other’s birthdays. Since there were about 6 of us, that meant that we had little celebrations all throughout the year. We’d meet at a restaurant with our gift bags, pay for our own lunch (and chip in for the birthday girl’s), and laugh and celebrate together.

I loved that tradition.

But, people moved away and the tradition dissolved.

I miss it.

So, this week, I’ve become pr0-active.

It’s my birthday. And our 26th anniversary.

I’ve declared it The Week of Celebration.

There are little mini celebrations, trips, lunch dates, supper dates, and afternoon coffee times planned with friends all week long.

After all, now that I’ve been inspired to celebrate more, I figure there’s no time like the present!;)

And speaking of celebrating, be sure to come back on Wednesday. It’s my actual birthday, so I thought it would be the perfect day to spill the beans about a big celebration around here…;)

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  1. So true, Rita! We don’t celebrate enough and there isn’t a better time but the present! Looking forward to your Wednesday post.

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