10 Things to Keep in Mind when Travelling in Hawaii

As a traveler, I love to get tips from people who’ve traveled to an area that I haven’t. Here are 10 tips if you are planning on travelling in Hawaii.

In the event that I ever get the chance to travel to Hawaii again, I want give myself some notes for future reference:

  1. When you’re agonizing over what to pack in your carry on bag, take only what you feel comfortable wearing at home.  (Just go ahead and leave that spaghetti strap number in the store.  You’ll hate it.  Hawaii doesn’t magically make your chubby upper arms disappear.)
  2. The daily amenities at the Papakea Resort are worth it.  Perhaps I’m a diva, but I really like to have my bed made for me…and all that free yummy smelling soap and shampoo was sure a treat!
  3. Be sure to take your most favorite camera.  I shudder when I think I almost left mine at home.  That would have been terrible!!
  4. Papakea’s blow dryer is a nice ammenity, too, but when you’re already in a really hot, humid environment, a blow dryer that seems to blow heat without air isn’t all that helpful…
  5. Maui’s fresh pinapples are like no other.  Eat as many as you can.  They’re worth all the canker sores they’ll give you.
  6. The sunscreen advice was good.  I took samples of La Roche-Posay (60 SPF) and it didn’t bother my super sensitive skin at all.
  7. The use of said sunscreen will prevent you from showing up back at home with a super awesome tan ~ but not having to deal with sunburn and the accompanying agony is worth it to me!
  8. When you find the absolute perfect candle that smells like Hawaii, buy it right away.  You might not get back to that gift shop again!
  9. When it’s time to come home and you’re waiting during the layover time in Honolulu, don’t just sit there wondering why all the other passengers are wearing long pants and parkas…  Get yourself into the washroom and dig your jeans out of your carry on and put them on!  Although you’ve been basking in the tropical heat, the airplane ride home will be the temperature of the Artic.  Bundle up!
  10. The lunch cooler at the unit we were in at the Papakea (E105) was a lifesaver!  The coolers there were really expensive, and we used it almost every day.

There!  Now, I think I’m all done talking about Hawaii for a while.  (Although I won’t stop dreaming about going again!).

I put together a highlight reel of our pictures.  The music in the background is by www.dabarefootwarrior.com ~ the man who was playing when we went for our last lunch at the Hula Grill.  It’s also the “Somewhere over the Rainbow” song that made me cry

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  1. Oh Rita, it is simply beautiful! Now I want to go more than ever!! One of these days, one of these days. I have to admit I would like to live there for a bit as well… yep a dream from many years ago… possibly even childhood! I am so glad you had the opportunity to experience this! What memories you will have for a life time!

  2. Rita, I have absolutely LOVED going through your Hawaii posts – I saved them all up so I could read them all at once! 🙂 In my 20’s I worked as a flight attendant and basically lived in Hawaii over the winters, I had so many layovers there. I truly felt that Hawaii is where my soul belongs, I just love it so much. Obviously Abbotsford BC is NOTHING like Hawaii, and I miss it with all my heart. It’s been 12 long years since I’ve been there, and my hubby knows I will not go on any vacations until we have gone to Hawaii. Your posts brought tears to my eyes, I miss it. I’m so happy you had such a wonderful and beautiful time and found the magic of Hawaii!
    <3, Leanne
    Because (I Think) I Can

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