A Whole New Level of Humiliation


{Disclaimer:  Today’s post is sort of gross…and there aren’t any pretty pictures to go along with the story…}

My husband and I have just spent the past 12 days travelling through Alberta and Saskatchewan. We had a wonderful time visiting with many old and new friends.

The trip ended in a most unusual way.

The stomach flu hit me ~

Like a ton of bricks…right before we had to get to the airport to fly home.

I must say, anything I’ve ever experienced in airport situations even compares to the humiliation of having to throw up while in the airport security line.

Let me tell you now, once you get in that huge ol’ line-up, nothing, I mean NOTHING will allow you to dash out the door to get to the nearby bathroom.

Not even when you whisper frantically to the officer, “I need to throw up!”…

To all the people who were unfortunate to be in the Calgary security line at the time…I apologize.

And to the sweet lady who handed me a pack of gum afterward, blessings on you.

Only slightly less humiliating is actually having to use the little white bag in the airplane as you are taking off…


I’ve always thought how wonderful it is to be able to get back home and sleep in my own bed after travelling.

This time, it feels extra special good.

We’ve been home now for about 18 hours, and I’ve spent most of them sleeping.

My husband has already left for his next little 3 day trip…

and I’m resting and relaxing in a very, very quiet home.

It seems so strange after being on the go and with people every day for the past two weeks.

But, I’m going to savour this time of solitude and quiet.

I’m ever so grateful to Sue & Tim who are so graciously looking after the camp kitchen duties while I get over the “contagious stage” of this virus.  I know how much work it is…Blessings to you.

And for those of you who are still healthy…

Keep taking those vitamins!!:)

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  1. Did they at least have a bag or something in the security line?! This is pretty much my worst nightmare!! SO sorry it happened to you.

  2. Boy do I know how you feel, hope you’re feeling much better by now. Gross huh. So sorry you had to go thru that, pretty hard on you.
    A few years ago I was traveling with hubs in his truck, we got to Davenport, Iowa and I got sicker than ten dogs from using rest room. It was super bowl weekend, hubs had to leave for Nova Scotia, I was too sick to go. I was sick later that night (Saturday) in his sleeper, all over the place. He had to go get a bucket so I could be sick (from both exits). Sorry it’s gross but I was so sick. He had to leave on Sunday for Canada so I stayed in Davenport at a motel. Felt good to be able to stay in bed, slept, read some later in week and watched tv. They had a very good breakfast with lots of goodies so I’d load up on food so I didn’t have to go anywhere to eat except for supper. There was a restaurant little bit down road from motel.
    Think it was good we were separated for few days so hubs couldn’t holler at me, he had to clean up sleeper. Felt bad for him but not like I could help it? I was so sick couldn’t even get out of truck to be sick in truck stop bathroom. Hubs finally came to get me on Friday. Take good care of yourself, get better. Happy weekend

  3. OH you poor, poor dear! Unfortunately I understand completely!! For me it wasn’t the flu but a crash in blood sugar and becoming overheated. I was to fly back from Puerto Rico with a co-worker. He had the rental car and I had made a point to let him know we HAD to leave early enough so that we could stop for a bit of breakfast. He promised me he would be on time… so much for promises from an individual who is ALWAYS late! He arrived late and we dashed off to the airport, all the while the day was warming up and I was starting to feel queasy. I beg and pleaded to stop, even if was simply at a gas station to grab a pastry or piece of fruit. He insisted we would miss our flight if we stopped at all… lets just say I was livid. So he drops me off at the departures doors and I rush in. After checking in, I am told I will probably have to run as our flight has already started to board. I make it there but was feeling even more poorly. I explain to the flight attendant my situation so she moved me to the back of the plane where I will have more space. All of a sudden it hits me… I am going to be violently ill. The poor guy a few seats over from me heard me explain my situation to the flight attendant. Bless his heart, he grabs a bag and holds it for me… then another and another. I was sure I had brought up my toenails. During the whole time he placed cool damp clothes on the back of my neck, held my hair back and was just an angel! IN all honesty, to this very day I really think he was an angel in disguise. Our flight ended up being delayed and my co-worker was bumped to first class because he was the last passenger to board and the staff wanted to thank him for his service to our country. (we were both military) Not once did he come to find out where I was or even check on me. To this day, I am so thankful for a stranger and the kindness shown to me.

    I am so sorry you had to experience this as well!! I hope you are recovered now! Have a wonderful week!!

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