Look Back. Journey Ahead.It’s a New Year!

I’ve had this blog post in my drafts for about a week now. I had visions of starting the year strong with a carefully planned blog post schedule that I put together a month ago. All this talk about organizing time and “steps to success” made me want to strive to do blogging the “right” way.

I planned on doing a big New Year’s Day post and highlight some of the posts from last year, like:

The fun I had Painting My Mom’s Vintage Metal Cart,

vintage cart after 1 ps

being so grateful for our beautiful “In Between” rental house (and its awesome open concept living area),

Open Concept Living and Dining Room

               and the month long series on Delicious Dinner Ideas (that ended up being a half month series!:)).


Click here for the list of recipes pictured above.

I was going to write about the fact that last year (2016) was pretty epic for us.

It was a year of  letting go and saying good-bye,

                                     taking a trip to Georgia,

                                            moving and transitioning,

                                                 learning and growing,

                                                    and having 3 different addresses and phone numbers in 8 months! (I still can’t remember my latest postal code…)

It was a year of scary unknowns.

And then, we watched in amazement as God carefully set out a path before us.

He gave my husband a new job – and found me a fun part time one at a jewellry store.

And, then, in a wild and crazy real estate market,

He gave us the gift of a place to call home.


Yep. 2016 was epic. I  look back at it as one of the most difficult years of my life. But, I now see that it was the year that also ushered in a fresh, new chapter in our lives.

2017 really does feel like a clean slate for us:

A new town,

    new jobs,

        new house…

And for me, I’m starting out the year with a new adventure. (Woo Hoo!)

I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

It’s been what has kept me away from following my carefully crafted blog schedule plan.

It’s a pretty kind of new venture…

Stay tuned.

(And if you just can’t stand to wait to hear what I’m talking about, head on over to my Facebook page. I’ll be doing a Live video later to give you a sneak peek of some behind the scenes things that are going on around here.)


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  1. I can certainly relate to your hectic year. We moved back to the UK after 3 years in Kuala Lumpur and 2 years in HK. And I’m hoping we’ll be blessed and find our next family home soon. I’m definitely intrigued about your new venture.

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