“The King’s Speech”, My Husband, and Snot!

I just finished watching the movie “The King’s Speech”.  It’s been recommended to us by many…and we finally had the chance to watch it for ourselves.   To say that I found it incredibly touching is a gross understatement…

I sat down here to write a sentimental post about my husband, who is – like King “Bertie”  – a stutterer.  He was, ironically, the first person I’d ever met who taught me how to really communicate.  There is a big difference between talking fast (which I’m really good at!) and communicating.  If you spend any time at all with a stutterer you’ll discover the importance of listening…slowing down…and NEVER interrupting or finishing sentences for them!

But, I’ll skip the sap and instead tell a funny story that I haven’t thought of for ages…

Stuttering is highly hereditary, so we’ve kept a close eye on all of our 3 boys in the area of speech.  In their early elementary years, each of them went through a stage of stuttering.  Our middle boy was in grade 2.  We worked with the teacher who submitted a request to the school…who submitted a request for a speech therapist – you know, the whole paperwork thing!  By the time the speech therapist finally got around to actually meeting with him, there was no sign of stuttering.

“Do you ever have trouble getting your words to come out?”, she asked him so nicely.

He sat there and pondered a bit…

“Nope. Not really.”

And then as an afterthought he added,

“Except when I have snot stuck in my throat!”

His answer caught her so off-guard that she confessed to me later that she burst out laughing before she could compose herself!Smile

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  1. And I burst out laughing at your story…my son just asked me what's so funny…I love your sweet love for your husband. He is a good man. Love to you both! KL

  2. Great story. I loved that movie too, and recommend it to everyone.

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