Summertime Bloggin’

I’ve realized that ~ much like life in general~ blogging, too, has “seasons”.  My reality is that summers are a bit crazy for me, and sometimes blogging has to be sidelined to make room for  other things.  But, please know, I haven’t forgotten you.  In fact, I do  think of you often!  How are you doing, by the way?  Are you having a good summer?

Since I last talked to you, I’ve celebrated a birthday, and the following day, celebrated our 22nd anniversary.  My husband and I were able to sneak away for a restful, quiet afternoon and basked by the beauty of the sea.



We pretended we were “tourists” for a few short hours and agreed that, yes, this is a good place to vacation!Smile


the beach

Since then, we’ve been involved with a family camp here.  We’ve spent the past few days visiting with old friends, meeting new ones, eating together, and laughing lots.  Our speaker this week has been Christian humourist Phil Callaway.  I do believe I’ve never laughed so hard during chapel times…and yet learned so many good truths & lessons in the process.  I’m delighted that I’ve finally found an exercise for my core muscles that I actually enjoy!Smile


To be honest, I haven’t even spent much time in my house these days, let alone come up with any fun, inspiring new projects {unless you consider completing 4 loads of laundry inspiring}!  However, I’m cooking up some plans and looking forward to getting crafty and decorating again.

I’m looking forward to checking in with you on a regular basis again~

I know that season will come…

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  1. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary! and oh how I know what you mean about the pace of summer!! School starts next week so things will finally slow down a bit. time to catch our breath… at least during the day because our evenings/saturdays are sure to be filled with sports, band competitions, and homework. but i’ll have the days to get some much needed work done. or at least breath! 🙂

  2. Summers are the same for me also. Too much short-lived summer sunshine in NY so the littles and I try to take full advantage. No matter the reason or the season, I think most of understand breaks in blogging. I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer!

  3. Happy belated birthday and happy anniversary to you and your husband. A good marriage is truly something to celebrate and thank the Lord for. We were married in Aug. as well, our anniversary is today 🙂 33 years.
    I know what you mean about time or a season for blogging. My posts have been few this summer. Our summer has been so busy, but enjoyable.
    Have a great day and take time to put your feet up and rest a bit 🙂

  4. Hi! I am sorry I missed your Birthday and Anniversary. Hope they were both good days and were able to enjoy them both! It looks like the beach was wonderful! I have been busy working at Brandon’s cleaning and painting in the basement. Now I can move upstairs next week to the addition and the kitchen. But Piper is coming for the weekend and Jessica’s 2 dogs and 4 puppies. So I will have 9 dogs and a baby this weekend! Lynn thought it was pretty funny when I told her! It will be easier than cleaning and painting! But is good to have it done for Brandon’s new little family! It was really smelly and some mold from the water last summer. So is really a good thing to have done! Sounds like your speaker was great! Take care! 🙂

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