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Hmmm…The “Lazy Days of Summer”…  That phrase always makes me laugh.  Have I mentioned that we live/work at a camp?  Well…we do.

Summer isn’t so “Lazy” around here.  In fact…it’s just the opposite!  Our kids just finished school a few days ago.  {Our oldest graduates tomorrow… }

As school kids are just entering the “relaxing” time of summer…camp is gearing up for its crazy, wild time!

I’ve never been a blogger during the summer before.  So this whole “time management” thing has me a bit stumped right now.

But these things I do know for sure:

~Although women are usually classified as “multi-taskers”, I get fixated on one thing at a time…

~And, for now, I must fix my mind and self on camp things!

So…lest you think I’m ignoring you all…please know I’m not doing it intentionally (or perhaps I am??).

I have a hoot doing “house things”…as it is so my passion.  I’ll still be doing it all throughout the summer on and off.  I’ll definitely be checking in and posting when I can.  I just don’t know how often it will be.

Now I’m off to the camp craft shop.  I need to make sure everything’s ready for all those happy crafters…and then I need to get busy so I’m ready to cook in the woods…and chat with lots of new {and old} friends!

Happy Summer to you all!  …and let’s all find a little “Lazy” in the midst of it somewhere, too!Smile

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