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I just got back home a few hours ago after spending a week in the “woods”.  It was such a fun time…  My friend Kirsten (the one I wrote about here) and I cooked for a group of 50 teenage campers.  Her family was along…as was mine…

I find it ironic that I really don’t just LOVE cooking at home, but somehow, cooking in that setting is so much fun!

I had good intentions of showing you pictures of our glamp-worthy (“glamping” is the new term for glamorous camping…) kitchen, complete with a lovely propane stove and oven, and instant hot water…

But, alas, I’ve come home with no pictures of that…  Did I mention we were cooking for 50 teens??  I was so busy fixing my mind on food, I forgot to take many pictures!

I was never much of a “camper” as I grew up, but have grown to love it.  There’s just something quite amazing about leaving all the busyness of life and going to a less hectic space.  Cell phones, tvs, laundry, vacuuming, and computer work are replaced with chirping birds, beautiful scenery, swimming in the lake, and conversations around the fire.



Decisions made while camping are usually boiled down to two things…

  1. What are we eating next?…and
  2. What should I wear today?… {Of course…the weather sometimes makes that a bit tricky!}


What were my favorite parts?  Oh, thanks for asking!:)

  • Cooking for this hungry group of teens was quite fun.  There were rarely any leftovers…and they were so appreciative! (Bravo to their mammas for teaching them well!)
  • Having a whole week to chat with my friend was such a treat…We caught up on each other’s lives as we sliced, diced, fried, boiled, and baked.  And , of course, we shared many laughs…
  • But the part that always gave me a lump in my throat was to lay in my tent at night and listen those teens sing around the campfire… It. Was. Beautiful…


The week flew by at  break-neck speed.  Now we’re getting back into the routine of “home” again.  My feet are clean, the last load of smoky laundry just “beeeped” that it was finished, and it’s time to find some supper.

And, I must confess…I sure enjoyed using my blow-dryer again!:)

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  1. Welcome Home! Have been thinking about you and wondering how it was going. Can't wait to experience the "woods" ourselves!


  2. I'm sure you guys had a wonderful time… makes me miss those tea times/time out from camp counselling! 🙂 Good chats! xoxo

  3. I have been looking at the pictures of your home and really love your style. I really like all the touches of white in the living room and your kitchen transformation is fabulous. Thank you for the sweet comments on our projects :).
    I just recently painted the dining room table so it still looks really good but I am sure that once the finish starts to lose it’s luster the varathane can be reapplied. The two bookshelves I coated with varathane many months ago still look great so it seems to be a very strong finish. The paint color on the walls is Navajo White by Behr that I had mixed in Glidden’s Zero Voc Paint. Hope that helps and I am glad I found your blog!

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