Living Room Makeover~ Revealed!

It’s finished!! Let’s take a stroll down memory lane… ( You will notice A LOT of differences in the furniture in these pictures. I move furniture…all over the house…often… End of story.)

Here’s the Living Room when we first moved in…

Living Room

Then last winter…

winter lr

And here it is now!

whole room keeper

The “Built in Bookcase” before…

bookcase mi

And now…

beach mat wall keeper

We needed another stand for the lamp. A stump from the beach and an un-used planter (upside-down) are working just dandy!

Miss Mustard Seed’s 5 minute pillow inspired this…

mms pillow

In the absence of a vintage towel, I painted stripes on painter’s drop cloth.

This little boat shelf unit was made by my husband years ago {when we used to sell things at craft fairs}, and was sitting in the garage with 3 years of dust on it…I cleaned it up, stained it, and dry-brushed it with some creamy paint. ~The idea to hang the picture from clothespins came from Pottery Barn…

boat ps

The paddles were broken and headed to the dumpster…A little glue and paint, and you’d never know! {But I certainly wouldn’t want to use them for real!}

“The Gallery Wall”…Before:

Woodstove and dark trim

And after…

imagine text

{Can you please use your imagination with me for a minute?} See that strange awkward empty spot on the wall? I have the perfect picture frame for there. I painted it black. Somehow in the flurry of activity today, I set it down…and now I can’t find it!!! So…please just imagine a lovely framed picture there. Thanks…

I painted the trim on the awkward “pass-through” window black to make it look like its part of the gallery wall arrangement. I decided that rather than try to “hide” it…I’d better just work with it!

gallery wall close

If you want to check out the tutorials of this process, you can click on the links below:

From Boring Beige to Beachy Blue (Painting the room)

Removing the Fireplace Bricks

Painting Dark Panelling

Beach-Mat Lined Bookcase

Coffee Table Makeover

Pottery Barn Inspired Pillows

Slipcovered Chairs

plant keeper

I went with my “use what you have/ love what you use” philosophy with this makeover. So, it didn’t cost much.

Paint~ Free! from General Paint

Fabric for cushion covers ~ Would have cost $12.00, but was Free! with a gift certificate

Dark Walnut stain for coffee table ~ $9.00

Clock from Walmart ~ $9.00 on clearance

Painter’s Drop Cloth (My other one finally was used up!) ~ $13.00

Beach Mat ~ $1.25

The rest was all just “stuff” I had…

Grand Total ~ $32.25!

{The paint color is “Misted Green” by Benjamin Moore, but it was color-matched by General Paint. The trim is Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White.}

***Now…where did I put that silly picture frame???!

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  1. A gorgeous transformation. The room has such a soothing comfortable feel. I like it! Very crisp and homey at the same time. Great job!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! What a soothing and relaxing room for a visit! You did a wonderful job.
    How did you keep your stripes on your drop cloth pillow so neat? I am looking to make pillow covers and that is the exact look we are trying to achieve. I already have a drop cloth and various colors of paint and LOTS of blue painters tape (I keep winning it, ha ha!)

  3. looks FANTASTIC! I gotta learn to do makeovers for the cost that you do. "use what you have/ love what you use" – great motto! just beautiful!

  4. Just discovered your blog….love the DIY projects. Just love them. has inspired me to try to do more around this house….instead of waiting for that day when we just might have the money. Since I am a stay at home mom for now, thus 1 income…that day isn't anytime soon. LOL

  5. Your trick to paint the pass through worked! I had to scroll back to see what you were talking about it. It looks like a mirror with a black frame. I love all the before and after pics. You are like me, always needing change. Everything looks amazing…..Oh, and I hate you for living on the west coast. lol

  6. Very nice! I thought the pass through window was a mirror! Good job of working it in to your gallery wall!

  7. Your living room looks fantastic! Love your take on it, use what you have, love what you use. 🙂
    thanks for linking up and linking back to catch as catch can.

  8. I love the beach cottage look you have created, very restful! And especially how you painted and repurposed things you already had.

  9. Ok, I need to know about the quote to the left of your window. Enjoy the little..? It looks so cool!

  10. You deserve and award for redoing that space under $35! Awesome. Thanks for sharing your pillow with air your laundry Friday! xo Jami

  11. It's amazing how the room has changed over time! Loving how you are creating and expressing your own authentic style! The built-in bookcase, the oars, the boat shelf…all fabulous!! Thanks for linking up to the Authentic Style linky party at WhisperWood Cottage! 🙂

  12. One of my favourite ways to makeover a room to (use what you have…) Your room looks lovely and fresh with the new paint colour and I really like that you painted the built in bookcase white. Love the little slips on the vintage chairs, the curtains and the faux-grainsack pillow, too.

  13. Your living room is gorgeous. Lovely changes, the colours feel so light and comfy too 🙂 oh and that boat shelf is so cute!

  14. Dramatic changes! I love how you used the paddles! Great job and a beautiful room!

    Thanks for linking it up to the roomspiration party today!

  15. Love love love it!! The blues and whites are perfect for a spring/summer feel, and I liked the reds you had in the winter! And I really like the change to the gallery wall! I'm a new follower, thanks for linking up to Roomspiration 🙂

  16. This is an incredible improvement! It is wonderful! I love beach & nautical theme…my favorite! The wall color is amazing, the whole palette, really! Thanks so much for joining us for Roomspiration!

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