Contentment and a Teeny-Tiny Peek

I’ve spent an insane amount of some time pouring over pictures of my favourite kitchens.  Here are two of my inspirations:kitchen_redo_9[1]

This is the newly finished kitchen at The Handmade Home.


This is Layla’s kitchen at The Lettered Cottage.

I’ve studied and studied every detail of those ladies’ kitchens.  I loooove them…


As we’ve been working on our kitchen, the reality of a silly thing called a budget sort of ground all my grandiose ideas to a halt.  One little trip to Home Depot to pick up the boring building supplies took up all my self-allotted budget!  Bummer…and I was going to change the paint color, and…and…

I had just given myself the whole “be content with what you have” talk, and decided to have fun just using things we already have.  About 5 minutes later the phone rang.  It was a dear lady who once lived in the house we’re living in now…but she lived in it before it had been partially rebuilt in 1967.  She told me how she used to cook in her dreadfully slanted kitchen while rats ran over head…  Oh, dear…I certainly don’t have anything to complain about, do I??

A funny thing happened.  Lo and behold, I found some paint in my stashes that I forgot all about.  Even though they aren’t the exact colors I was planning, they feel fresh and “beachy” – the look I was desiring in the first place!

At one point today, our kitchen looked like this:


I don’t want to ruin the whole “wowy reveal”, so I’ll give you just a little sneak peek (we still have alot to do!):


My bowls are nestled all snug in their new home!Smile…Stay tuned…

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