Refresh a Room {in 20 Minutes?}

I find that tackling projects is a mental battle sometimes.  I dread and dread tasks for so long, and then when I actually do it, I discover it didn’t take nearly as long as I expected it would.

As a way to motivate myself to get started, I sometimes pick a time and see if I can accomplish a task in “x” number of minutes.

Don’t sign me up for an exercise class, but let me tell ya’, I can move mighty fast when I get on a mission like this!;)

I decided I was going to see if I could get all my “dreaded” projects in the Living Room done in 20 minutes.  It needed to be vacuumed and dusted, and some re-arranging needed to happen.  Here it was when I started:

Living room before ps

Now, don’t be looking for one of those dramatic before and after pictures.  In fact, I think it would be better if this were one of those “can you spot the 5 differences in the pictures” activities.  Are you ready?  Go!

Living Room after ps

Well… how did you do?

Here’s the answers if you just don’t want to play the game today…

numbered changes

1.  We gave the stencilled curtains a try, but they just weren’t working for us, so the calm, white ones went back up.

2.  Those brown chairs seemed too monstrous & dark in there, so my little favorites went back in.

3.  The stump table got a little Fall vignette.

4.  Some extra blankets are piled on a table in the corner for those chilly mornings.


5.  More blankets…and magazines and books tucked below the coffee table.

{All of that took about 25 minutes, part of which was spent wandering around the basement looking for the step stool so I could reach the curtains!}

6.  I got stumped on the coffee table decor and that slowed me down a bit.  I don’t like to put too much on there as it interferes with the remote…


What project are you dreading today?  I’m no expert, but I bet you can get it finished faster than you think you can!…

20 minute room refresh

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  1. I spotted a 6th difference!! Actually, I only really found 5 because I missed one but I see a black coffee mug on the lamp table between the chairs! If you are like me, it would be my cup of coffee left there by accident but it looks decorative.

    I love your decorating ideas. Thanks for linking them to Facebook so I don’t miss any.

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