My husband and I love a good road trip.  There’s just something fun about getting in the car and driving…  We’ve been dragging our boys from BC to Montana since they were babies, and thankfully, they have embraced the road-trip thing as well.  We decided sort of spur-of -the moment to spend   Spring Break “on the road”.  We just got back last night.  Our last 10 days looked something like this:

  • 4,632 kms (2,878 miles) travelled
  • 6 days in the car with my purple suitcase-sized purse at my feet
  • 52 water bottles
  • 10 dvds, 3 ipods, 2 DSs, 6 Tolkien books, ? westerns, 1 math book, and 1 grad tux rental brochure
  • 2 Tim Horton’s “Roll Up the Rim” wins  (just coffee and a donut, but hey, we won!)
  • 1 roof rack
  • 1 lunch at the Olive Garden (our family’s favourite restaurant!)
  • 1 dinner at Red Robyn’s – made even more delightful with the company of friends
  • 1 dead headlight – discovered during a white out snowstorm (at night, of course!) on a mountain summit (I DON’T recommend this!)
  • 4 McDonald’s drive-throughs
  • snacks that included, but were not limited to:  yogurt, gummies, cheese, chips, wasa crackers (What? The boys wouldn’t eat them?  ha!), lunch meat, granola bars, and my personal favourite – salted nut rolls (My mouth is watering just thinking of it…)
  • 7 mountain passes
  • 1 stop for avalanche clean up
  • 13 hours of hair-raising, bad, wintery, snowy roads

All that…for 6 precious days with our families.

I finally got to hug my momma’s neck.

me and mom

It was worth every bum-numbing mile.


When we arrived home last night, this was in my yard to greet me:



After spending time in Montana’s piles of snow, I appreciate it much more!  So, if you guys just can’t take winter anymore…come have coffee at my house.  You can enjoy the chirping birds, blooming flowers, and  nightly symphony of frogs in the creek.

However…I do recommend flying!

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  1. Oh Rita … my heart is so full for you that you got to see your Mom and give her a big ol' hug! What a beautiful picture of the two of you … praise the Lord!

    … Cheryl 🙂

  2. Oh, Rita…I always get teary-eyed when I read your blog…either tears from laughing at your antics or tears of "remembering"
    Love you, sis


  3. Your road trip sounds like ours over Christmas, a 24 hour drive turned into 31 hours because bad snow. I agree with you it's well worth it to see the ones we love!

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