DIY Kitchen Curtains, A BIG Peek, and A Question

To you who have just hopped on over for the first time…welcome!  We’ve been working on a little kitchen makeover here.  So far, we’ve done a little painting, finished the kitchen office area, had an electrician do above-the-sink wiring, made over the European cupboard doors, and my husband’s been working his magic on the upper cupboards (more on that later).

Yesterday I finally finished the valance to go above the sink.

A while ago I wrote about the $6.00 fabric I found in the As Is department of Ikea.  I really am not sure what it’s intended purpose was, but it was a great (huge) piece of fabric hemmed on all four sides.


I trimmed off the bottom, split it in half, and hemmed the rough edges to make curtains for the sliding glass door.  I LOVE to use black rings with clips that I found at our local fabric store (they go on half price often).  These particular ones were left over from curtains in our previous house.  They not only eliminate the whole dilemma of headers, but I think they look really neat, and slide back and forth really nice when you need to shut your drapes.

full length curtains

I wanted a simple valance to go above the sink.  This picture from Pottery Barn was my inspiration idea.


I used the leftover fabric from what I had cut from the bottom of the other drapes.  It really was a simple project, but you would have thought I was trying to sew Kate Middleton’s wedding dress for all the problems I had yesterday…!  First I made it too long, then too short…  Anyway, it ended up being 12 inches (finished height) and 1 3/4 times the length of the window.  I hung the white roman shade we had had previously underneath.  I like the “layered” look…and it also allows the functionality of being able to shut the blind when we need to.


For those of you who’ve been begging for a bigger “peek” of the kitchen…this is for you…Smile

Here’s what our kitchen was when we started a few weeks ago…

whole kitchen

And here it is this very day

whole kitchen

O.K.  Now I have a question for you…  See that “Seaside” sign above the door?  I made it the other day…but I’m not sure if I like it there.  Do you?  (Don’t worry, I won’t be offended by your honest answers!)…

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  1. I'm not totally sold on the sign either…maybe the yellow is not quite right? But I LOVE your kitchen! It looks absolutely beautiful!

  2. "PJ" (I love how you call yourself that!), I've been thinking that perhaps the tone of yellow the problem, too. I wanted a "splash" of sunshine…but this is perhaps a "JOLT"!

  3. I love your dresser in the kitchen! It's beautiful, I also really like the bulletin board you have above it with the H.

  4. Try distressing the sign a bit more. Isn't it amazing what you can do with a bit of fabric? Can't wait to visit Ikea for the first time!

    I'm a new follower.

  5. What a transformation! The curtains are beautiful and I love the open cabinets! I'm your newest follower!

    PS, I think the side is a pretty touch. I say leave it there for a while and if you still love it in a month or two, keep it. If not, you'll have time to dream up something you love more.

  6. What a very happy space you have! Love the light bright breezy feel. Thanks for sharing at my newbie party.

  7. Well, since you asked, I'd consider painting the sign green since your walls are blue to stay with the colors of the sea. I really like your open storage areas.

  8. Jane, you're brilliant! I love green and blue together, but I never thought of doing green on the sign…Hmmm…you have my mind racing!

  9. I think the sign is great! you're thinking outside the blog world box and I love it.. if you're not a fan maybe white wash it to lighten it up?? Great makeover!!!
    Im your newest follower!!

  10. Somebody beat me to it, but that was my first thot as well, I bet you could just layer a little something over it to tone down the yellow, maybe try to color match to your yellow dishes or the color of the baskets…oh, how I do love to give my opinion. You would burst out in laughter at the chaos of color in my house…

  11. what a great find! i love what you did with them! and i love the fresh beachy feel of your kitchen! that sign looks like it should be sold at pier one. well done.

  12. I'm visiting from Debbiedoos! I love your kitchen, it's so bright and fresh and lovely! I do like the sign there, it's fun and bright.

    I'm with Susan, I'd personally leave it for a while to see if it grows on you, but I'm a bright color lover by nature, so I love it!

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