The Abundantly Above

Her eyes were all sparkly and filled with little girl exuberance and energy.

“I have something for you,” she said,

“But, I want you to open it with your husband.”


I was standing in our camp’s big sun-filled dining room.  The place was buzzing with people and activity.

It was the last meal

on the last day

of the very last camp of the summer ~

last year.

To say I was exhausted is an understatement.


I thanked her and asked if she meant for me to open it then –  “right now?”

“Oh, sure,” she said with her happy little excited voice.

I took the carefully rolled paper and found my husband midst the throng of eager diners.

The darling little girl stood  watching with her eyes dancing.


As we uncurled the neatly wrapped package, we discovered a check.  Along with it was a beautifully crafted note signed by 13 families.

It said {in part}, “This money is for you…to use…in Hawaii.”

I gasped.

Then, I cried.

Right there.

In front of God and everyone.


You see, it has been the desire of our hearts to “someday” go to Hawaii.

These peoples’ gracious gift made it possible.

We’re humbled.

And excited beyond words….


This is one of those moments that I want to tuck away in my heart and treasure always.

A gift.

A miracle.


God has always been faithful to look after us so carefully and graciously.  He’s given us

food to eat,

          a house to shelter us from pelting rain and howling winds,

                  peace, joy, and hope during  sad, painful times,

And that day?

That day in the Dining Room with the sparkly eyed girl with the note wrapped in string?

That was the “abundantly above”.

margarets verse whole sign

We don’t need Hawaii in order to survive…

It’s a gift.

Straight from the Giver of all good things ~

(and that dear sweet sparkly eyed girl and those gracious families…)

We are joyfully anticipating tropical breezes and white sandy beaches…

for 7 days next month…


{Google image}

…in HAWAII!!

{Many of you clever people already caught this little secret in Barbara’s interview.  Good for you!Smile}

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  1. Eph.3:20 , the Bible verse that keeps popping up in the last several months, in my life. And He continues to do more than I could ever hope for or imagine. Hawaii! What a wonderful gift! My hubby has always dreamed of going there. May it be everything and more than you ever dreamed or imagined!

  2. Congratulations! I noticed it but didn’t say anything… because well I was on my phone. Once again congratulations! I am so excited for you!!

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