Whys of our Lives

As I was tearing through the house yesterday trying to get it back to some semblance of order, my mind wandered back to the years that our boys were in the “Why” stage of life.  Those days were filled with little voices asking a constant stream of “Why” questions.

Questions like,

“Why is the sky blue?” or

“Why is blue blue?”

and the most memorable of all:

“Why did God make me able to spin around so fast that I fell down and hurt myself?”

More often than not, we finally had to admit, “I just don’t know…”

The years have flown by, and we answer far fewer “why” questions these days.

But, now I realize I have a few of my own.  Here’s the top five from yesterday:

odd socks

1.  Why are there more odd socks than pairs?  {And why do I buy my boys white socks?}


2.Why do I dread cleaning under the kitchen sink so much?


3.  Why are my reading glasses dirty every time I put them on?

message center keeper

4.  Why – after running across the yard, up the steps to the deck, across the deck, and through the sliding glass door to answer the phone before the fourth ring, is it a recorded message that says, “Congratulations!  You have won…”  {Oh, bother!}

leaky tap

5.  Why does my bathroom sink tap leak constantly?

Just like the days when we tried to answer our boys’ “why” questions, I fully realize my questions really don’t have easy answers, either.    Except the last one.  I’m pretty sure that tap leaks because it’s time for a whole bathroom makeover!Winking smile

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