25 Things

1.  I miss blogging.

2.  The summer is flying by at breakneck speed, and I haven’t done one. single. project. in my house.

3.  I have, however, pondered many projects I’d like to do when the opportunity arises.


4.  Remember those itty bitty plants I planted in April?

planted container gardens

5.  Despite forgetting to water them during the hottest week of the summer, they now look like this:

Summer Flowers 2

6.  I’ve never planted carnations before, but now that I know how hardy they are in drought-like conditions, I might just try them again.

pink & red carnations


7.  This afternoon I was checking  Facebook on my husband’s phone in the ferry line-up.

8.  I read that my nephew’s baby girl was born today.

9.   I oohed and ahhed over the beautiful pictures.

10.  Then I read the caption.

11.  And burst into tears.

12.  Did I mention the windows were open?

13.  The man in line beside us looked worried…

14.  My husband said, “Umm…Rita?”

15.  I blubbered around and finally just showed him the caption.

16.  It was her name.

17.  “They named her after Mom,” I finally choked out.

18.  (Now that I type that for all the world to see, I realize that I don’t know that fact for sure and certain.  Perhaps they just liked that name…  But it still makes me cry regardless…  (Congratulations, Tyrel and Kaity!))


19.  For the first time in my life, I have long enough hair to put it up in a bun.

20.  In fact, I currently have a big ol’ bun plastered right on the top of my head.  I can’t decide if it looks good or goofy…but I’m just so excited it’s possible!

21.  Since long hair is a whole new world to me, I’ve been learning from Kate’s hair tutorials on The Small Things blog.

22.  This is my current favorite:

messy bun

23.  I don’t claim that mine looks exactly like that when I do it, though…but I give it a whirl.

24.  Although I do enjoy the long hair thing, I’m also looking forward to my next hair appointment with my favorite hairdresser.  She lives a long way away…

25. …in Montana!!

(More about that later!)

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  1. hi rita,
    finally got the “as for me and my house sign up in my kitchen.” love it!
    thanks for letting me steal it off your wall 🙂

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