Grocery Store Decor {February Entryway Table}

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It was 11 p.m.  last Sunday night.  We were walking through our front door after a wonderful, yet wearying, 2 weeks of travel.  A few quick texts to our boys waiting at home had motivated them to “clean up before Mom gets home”.  It worked quite well.  The kitchen counters were clean and all food was put away. {Thank you, Boys!}

But, as I plopped my carry-on bag inside the front door, I realized immediately that the place needed a large dose of TLC.  I had worked like a crazed maniac to finish the Attic Room before we left.  It looked great.  The rest of the house did not.  The quick removal of “Christmas” had left the place barren and boring.

A dose of color and decor was needed.  ASAP.

I wanted to start with the Entryway, since it was the first {awful} thing I noticed.  However, I was completely uninspired.  All my go-to decor seemed a bit hum drum.

Hmm…what to do?

The only place I was headed in the near future was the grocery store.  Yep.  Grocery store decor it would be.

february vignette with words

The most obvious place to start was the floral section.  I was delighted to find a little bunch of happy tulips and a large assorted bouquet for 1/2 price.  It still had lots of life in it, so I bought them both.


Then on to the fruit section I went.  I often like to decorate with lemons, but this time granny smith apples and limes seemed to be the right fit. Happy green it would be.

apples and valentines

Sometimes these little vignettes go together really fast.  This one didn’t.  I’ve fussed and fiddled and moved and replaced.  But, enough is enough. whole february entryway

It’s happy and colorful…with a little Valentine’s Day thrown in.

That’ll just have to do for now.

Because, goodness knows I have many other things I need to be working on!!Smile

{I found the Valentine’s Printables here.  Aren’t they cute?}

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