Custom {Duel-Personality} Tablecloth

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I’m having so much fun working on a completely unexpected project. Last Monday, our entryway looked like this:

entryway before

That picture was quickly snapped at about 5:30 p.m ~ right before I decided to turn the place topsy turvy and paint it!  (I wrote about it here.)

Now I’ve been accessorizing and getting the place back together again.  Of course I want it to look completely a bit different.

We tried putting the church pew in place of the table, but it didn’t last long.

stenciled wall in entry

We all missed having a table, and that pew just seemed a little big for the space.

So, back in came the table.  I really love it, but I wanted to spiff it up a bit with a custom tablecloth.

I thought about how nice it would be to do a tutorial for you…

tablecloth top

But, honestly, I was making things up as I went. The fabric I used was a white cotton canvas that I bought ages ago, and rather than cut it, I just tore it to the size I needed.  I love it when fabric co-operates that way.

I find sewing things like this requires measuring and math.  The first thing I did was mis-calculate and tore my piece 1/2 an inch shorter that I intended… {But, it ended up working out o.k.  Whew!}


Hemming a ruffle that was almost double the length of the circumference of the table seemed like I was sewing miles and miles.


I watched a video of Miss Mustard Seed doing some slipcovers and was impressed with her mad skills at pinning fabric right on the object to make it fit perfectly.  {I didn’t find it quite as easy as she made it look…}  In fact, this tablecloth was somewhat inspired by that beautiful ottoman in her living room:

miss mustard seed's living room

Oh, I love those pleats …

So, I made my tablecloth a “duel personality” one…

Ruffles on one side


and some Miss Mustard Seed pleats on the other!

pleated side

Since one side is always up against the wall, I can just turn it to whichever side I’m in the mood for.

pleated tablecloth


ruffled tablecloth

or ruffled?

Today,  it’s ruffled.Smile

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  1. I love it! both the pleates and the ruffles. I don’t think I have a favorite. I like the arrangement on your table and the ledge with the mirror is a great touch.

  2. That is very pretty, Rita! I hear you on never-ending ruffle sewing & hemming! I am so impressed that you did ruffles on one side & pleats on the other. Amen, sista. I love the way you styled your table too. Featuring tonight. xo Jami

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