A {Most Unusual} No Sew Roman Shade

I love roman shades.  As I started working on the entryway, I was pondering making one ~ sort of like this:


I’ve researched the process many times.  Although quite simple, I think it would be quite time consuming.  Things like sewing on a plethora of little rings and knotting strings sounded a little daunting.

Everything changed with this little discovery in my fabric drawer:


I’d completely forgotten about this pillow cover I’d purchased from Ikea’s “as is” department a few years ago.  I took it up to the entryway to see if the color was right ~ and lo and behold, so was the size!

So, instead of a long drawn out sewing process, this curtain took less than 5 minutes.

I cut a strip of white cardboard the same length of the fabric,

white cardboard piece

placed it inside the pillow cover (right below where the zipper was attached),

tack on

tacked it with thumbtacks in 3 spots at the top of the window frame,

zip shut

and zipped it shut!!  {The cardboard keeps the curtain nice and straight at the top.  Without it, the fabric would probably sag between the tacks.}

Then I just tucked under  the remaining fabric to resemble the pleats of a roman shade and tacked it with one tack on each side.

tack sides


faux roman shade

The vinyl blinds underneath provide privacy in the evenings, but the faux roman shade softens the look a bit.

entryway curtain with words

I bet Ikea had no idea their pillow tops could double as window coverings!!

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