31 Days of Projects

As I pondered a topic for this year’s 31 Day series, I knew I wanted to do something that was both fun for me (and hopefully you!) and slightly varied.  I  didn’t want to make the topic so specific that I got bored with writing about it for 31 days!

I decided to go with 31 Days of Projects.

31 days of projects


I’m using the term “projects” very loosely here.  I have a whole bunch of ideas swirling around in my head.  Some of them are home decor projects, some are small crafts, some are blog design ideas, some are cooking related, and some might just be room reveals.  There will be brand new projects along with some round ups of previous projects.  Normally, I like to think about and plan way in advance, but, alas, there’s no time for that.

So, it’s going to be a series that whirls and spins in all directions…

Just like my mind!;)

Tomorrow we’re going to kick things off with my first curb side find story.  I can’t wait to show you!!…

P.S.  And thank you to the kind ladies at the Work it Wednesday link party for featuring my Dining Room turned Office Makeover.  You just made my day!!:)

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  1. One of things I so enjoy about reading blog posts is the varied and very interesting ideas I harvest. I have been so busy since I discovered blogs I don’t have enuf time to clean house hardly. Well it sounded good in my mind. At this point in life I’m more interested in making things for our home not cleaning so much. Want a clean house, I’d just rather it wasn’t me that had to do it. Well it’s really true! On top of that we have a dog that sheds like crazy and a cat. Plus 5 chickens out in back yard. We get lots of great fresh eggs.
    Look forward to seeing what you have for us all. Happy days

  2. I’m excited to see your projects!! This is my 3rd year of doing a similar theme (Pinspiration) and it’s daunting but so fun and rewarding. Can’t wait…

  3. Uff, this will be tough as I always aim for at least 150%, but I’m up for a clenhalge. I’m about to test this strategy during the upcoming week to see what happens. Is it ok if I’m already freaking out even though I haven’t started yet?

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