Project #1 ~ Discover the Perfect Curb Side Treasure!

As we began working on our Dining Room turned Office, we knew we had a problem lurking just around the corner ~

coastal cottage desk ps

Fall.  Winter was close behind.

Once those West Coast winds start howling, that room gets mighty cold.  The lack of insulation, heat, and those beautiful single pane (and drafty)  windows are a triple whammy for keeping a space warm and cozy.  I suggested that perhaps an electric fireplace would be a helpful addition.

We laughed as soon as the sentence came out of my mouth.

It’s just not in the budget.

So, we decided we’d  bring down the electric heater from our bedroom once I started shivering.

And then…

While we were on our daily “walk to the coffee shop” walk during our holiday in early September, we observed that it was garbage day in the neighbourhood.  The garbage cans perched neatly at the end of each driveway was our first clue.:)

As we walked and walked, we started to notice something else.  Next to some of the garbage cans was furniture!  I gasped with excitement when I saw the first pair of easy chairs.

“Now I finally know what ‘curb side finds’ are!”

I have never in all my live long days seen furniture on street corners free for the taking… We chatted about how we’d heard of it in places like New York, and how tv shows are made on renovating them.

And then as we rounded a corner, we couldn’t believe our eyes.

Right there, behind a stop sign, sent straight from heaven above, was this:

fireplace 2

…an electric fireplace.

I wish we had taken a picture of it that day.  We felt like complete fools (and thieves!) parking our van and loading it up!  At that point, we didn’t even know if it would work.  But guess what?

firplace on

It does!:)  It heats and glows and lights up and warms my toes as I work away.

And, now, it’s going to get a little makeover, too!…

{I’m getting the paint out right now.  Stay tuned, it’s project #2 in this 31 Days series!!}

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  1. Yup, it’s amazing what you find curb Side! We have seen some pretty derelict junk disappear from our curb. And I myself have picked up a table or two. Great find! Can’t wait to see how you make it over!

  2. Rita, I’m imagining you walking all the way to the coffee shop from your home…
    and then I realized you were walking from mine! We’re glad walking to Starbucks
    turned out to have some nice surprises for you.

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