Painted Electric Fireplace

Customize an electric fireplace to fit your own style with this step by step guide for how to paint an electric fireplace.

I’ve read article after article on the amazing benefits of chalk paint.  I’ve done a few small projects both with homemade chalk paint and FolkArt’s Chalk.  However, I’ve been itching to try it on a big project.

Along with my miraculous curb side find, I also discovered a line of chalk-type paint developed right here in Canada.

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cottage paint

Cottage Paint is a clay based paint and is a more affordable option than many other brands of chalk paint. I found a supplier near my Vancouver Island home, so I was excited to give it a try on this project.

painted electric fireplace

3 Easy Steps to a Beautifully Painted Electric Fireplace

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Supplies Needed to Paint an Electric Fireplace:

1. Prep the fireplace for painting by roughing up the surface with 150 grit sandpaper.

Although some paints claim that no sanding is necessary, I’ve found after many painting projects that it’s better safe than sorry. Giving a furniture piece a quick sand ~ especially one with a shiny finish ~ helps to ensure the paint will adhere well to the surface. Once sanded, wipe down the piece thoroughly with a clean rag. (A tack cloth is the absolute best alternative for this step.)

Once the piece was wiped down, I used painter’s tape around the black fireplace box so that I could make sure not to get any paint where I didn’t want it.

fireplace paint coat 1

2. Paint as many coats as necessary to cover the piece well, allowing for it to dry well between coats.

I found this Cottage Paint adhered well to the wood and covered quite nicely. It also dried quickly between coats. However, it did require more than the recommended “2 coats” on the can. If I were to paint another dark colored wood piece such as this, I would consider first priming it with a stain blocking primer.

3. Seal with Cottage Paint Acrylic Wax Finish

One thing to note when working with chalk type paint lines is that they are not all made the same! Cottage Paint’s “wax” finish is actually a water based acrylic product. It is very different than other paint waxes that are actually wax based and require buffing.

I did an in depth explanation on how to apply Cottage Paint’s acrylic wax finish HERE ~ complete with video instructions. I would encourage you to check it out if you are unfamiliar with this particular brand.

The makeover made a huge difference in the overall appearance of the electric fireplace. Here it was in its original color:

electric fireplace before

And here it is now:

electric fireplace 3

I love having a little mantel I can decorate up!

mantle ps

And, if you don’t happen upon an electric fireplace curbside find to paint, here are some beautiful white fireplace options that would add a lovely, warm farmhouse touch to any room:

chalk painted electric fireplace

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  1. Rita Joy, I am clapping my hands with you over this blessing! How exciting to find something free (that you need) and that it works! You did a fabulous job and it looks perfect in your Dining Room/Office. I’m looking forward to your projects!

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  3. I have been looking for some inspiration after picking up a great fireplace, thank you! Yours turned out beautifully. I am also an islander, aren’t we lucky?;)

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