31 Days??

Every year since I started blogging, I’ve participated in the Nester’s 31 Day series.  She challenged bloggers to join her in blogging on a certain topic for 31 days straight.

The first year, I blogged about 31 Days of getting ready for a craft fair.

I crafted and photographed and blogged and half way through thought I was crazy and silly and wondered if anyone was reading my blog anyway.  I’m glad I stuck with it, for it was through that series that the door opened for me to have my burlap Christmas stockings in Better Homes and Gardens and the little Blue Bird Sign went wild on Pinterest!  (crazy, isn’t it??)

ruffle and flower

The next year, I blogged about 31 Days to Make Your Home Uniquely You.

And last year, I spent 31 Days writing down everything I was learning during my crash course in cooking for a crowd.

plating desserts 2

Now, as October approaches, I find it’s decision time again.

I thought I’d already decided not to do it this year.  (Can I really pull off blogging for 31 days straight??)

BUT, my goal this year is to somehow still make time for things I love to do, too.

Blogging is one of them.

So is doing projects (big and small) around the house.

So, with fear and trepidation, I’m going to dive in again and commit.

31 days of blogging starting October 1st (tomorrow).

The topic is currently being determined…

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