Townhouse Living Room One Room Challenge

Our small townhouse living room One Room Challenge project is kicking off today. I can’t wait to see what it will look like in 6 weeks!!

In my last post, I referred to today’s One Room Challenge Project, and how analysis paralysis gave it a rough start.

For years, I’ve followed Calling it Home‘s twice a year room makeover event. Participating bloggers choose a room and completely make it over in 6 weeks.

When I was mapping out my blogging year, I included a room makeover to coordinate with this event so I could join in the fun, too.

The point of this first post is to announce the room I’m working on and outline the plans and design for it.

But, here’s the deal.

I don’t have a neat and nifty plan with 3-d drawings and mood boards. (Although, that would be really fun!).

What I do have, though, is the room I am going to work on:

The One Room Challenge Project ~  Townhouse Living Room

small townhouse living room

For those of you who are die hard One Room Challengers, you just might recognize it from before.

I actually worked on it 2 years ago ~ beginning it just 1 week after we moved into this townhouse.

Things that are currently working well & what I love about the room

When I begin any makeover project of any sort, I first like to analyze what is working well already, and what I’d like to change.

Here’s what I love:

The Billy Bookcase system

Ikea's Billy Bookcase system in a small townhouse living room

This hardworking unit from Ikea is an absolute lifesaver in this small space. I love it with all my heart. Those doors are hiding all my office supplies, books, and family photo albums.

The Office Desk Nook

a desk in the corner of a townhouse living room

After trying my desk space in about 5 different places in the house, this is where I’ve ended up. It’s perfect, bright, and I can spy on the neighbors!;)

The Entryway Closet & Doors

the entryway closet of a townhouse living room

Turning our ugly bi-fold closet doors into french doors was our first project in this house. I still love how it looks and functions.

The Dining Room Table & Buffet

the dining area of a small townhouse living room

Since they came from the farmhouse I grew up in, I’m firmly emotionally attached to my dining room table and buffet ~ plus, I really love how they look!;)

Things I’d like to Change/ Improve on (aka “The To Do List”)

 Get new Furniture (Couch and possibly chairs)

couch and 2 chairs in a townhouse living room

I know, I know. My couch is in dreadful need of replacing. It’s outdated and well loved. It’s time to bite the bullet and buy a new one. I’ll be honest, it’s a very stressful decision for me. Pray…

Try a new Area Rug

Nothing ties a room together quite like an area rug. I’m excited to see which one I’ll choose!;)

Create a Feature wall where the Billy Bookcase is

Although I really love the billy bookcase wall, I think a few changes could make a big impact on the feel & style of the room.

Create a visual divider between the living room and dining room

This room is tricky to arrange. The living room and dining room sort of “meld” together. I’d like to figure out an arrangement that doesn’t feel too busy, but differentiates the spaces well.

Perhaps add a different paint color in the dining room?

Although I’ve really loved the moody color of Wrought Iron, it may be time for a change. That decision will come later on.

Paint the interior of the exterior doors

Painting the exterior doors has been on my to do list for a long time. The faded cream color looks quite dreadful with the crispness of the Simply White wall paint.

Paint the desk

I think this will be a fun project! It’s not a huge desk, and I think it will be fun to give it a fresh look to go with the new feel of the room ~ whatever that turns out to be!;)

I wish I could say I have all the decisions made and a plan is well underway, but that would be a lie. I’m doing this in real time, and given the fact I may need to order some supplies online, I’m not sure how the time schedule will work out.

But, I’m going to be documenting this process with you as it takes place.

As I struggle through all the decisions that go along with a room makeover, I’ll let you know what resources I’ve found helpful and teach you what I’m learning as I go.

I’ve already given a bit of a sneak peak as to the direction this room is heading with my post on Modern Farmhouse Inspiration Sources.

Although I’m currently living in a townhouse in the city by an ocean, this one is hiding a little farmhouse style in her heart.

It’s time to let it shine.

Bring it on!

Here comes the Townhouse with a Farmhouse Soul…

I like to pop on to Facebook live for some weekly casual conversation coffee times. (Please come on over and join me!) Here’s some “behind the scenes” thoughts on the One Room Challenge:

I’m also over on Instagram, so if Instastories are more your jam, you can also find me talking about everyday things there, too.


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