Summer House Tour

I’ve been inspired this week by Gina’s Summer House tour series.  I got to thinking how great it would be if I could actually have you all over for a visit…in real life!  Oh, what fun that would be…

But, since that’s a little improbable, I thought – instead – to pretend you were coming, and give you a tour of what our house looks like today.  And, yes, I cleaned up for you.  There’s nothing quite as motivating in the cleaning department as having company is!Smile

Come on in!

front door to entryway ps

You’ve picked the perfect day to come.  The sun is shining so nicely.

Our Entryway just had a little makeover.

whole wall final

Scrap wood pieces and left over house paint was made into a Gallery Wall, and some painted stripes added to the narrow hallway.

painted stripe wall at harbour breeze home ps

The whole reveal will be coming on Monday.

We moved into this history-filled old house on the beach about 5 years ago.  It was filled with lots of dark panelled walls and 70s’ finishes.  Here’s a peak of THE KITCHEN then:

kitchen before

A little lot of TLC and creative use of a little budget did wonders for this space.  Now it seems bright and happy.

kitchen open cupboards

I’m still loving my open cupboards here.  And see all that fruit on the counter?  I’m trying to eat healthier these days…  (Quite a change from the candy bars I normally favour!)

windowsill flowers

I’m so happy that the pansies are blooming outside now, and love to have a few on the windowsill.  They make washing dishes so much more fun!Smile

fabric cupboard doors

Now that I’ve lived with the fabric cupboard doors for a few years, I can say they aren’t the most practical option when it comes to cleaning.  It requires a bit of fiddling to remove them for washing.  But, would I do it again?  Absolutely!


whole living room ps

A few weeks ago, I found a delightful striped rug at Walmart.  During my cleaning spree, I decided to move it from the Dining Room to the Living Room.  What a change it makes in there!  This picture really doesn’t do it justice, but it makes the room seem larger and full of life.

aqua in living room ps

I added a few pops of my current favorite color (aqua blue) into the room, and even tried my first “modern art” painting (in the top right of the picture).

bookcase wall

I haven’t grown tired of the happy yellow in the bookcase, so decided to leave that for a bit longer.  I’m thinking some yellow cushions would also be fun…


dining room

The Dining Room hasn’t changed much since the last time you saw it… I turned a few discount tablecloths into stencilled curtains and painted an old, dirty box into a table top flower display.

flower box

And that just about covers the main floor of our house.  If you wanted to investigate further in our house today, you’d discover unmade beds, piles of laundry in process and bathrooms that need cleaning!  But, here are some of those spaces on days that they, too, were clean.

beach cottage bedroom

Master Bedroom

with door

Attic Music & Library Room

whole room after 2

Basement Craft and Laundry Room

If you want to see the details of the befores and afters of each of the rooms mentioned, just click on the links above.

I’m so glad you popped over today for a visit.  I always enjoy meeting new friends, so if you’re new here, feel free to say “hi”.   I’d love to come check out your (blog) home, too!

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  1. I loved the tour and wish it could have been done in person. Maybe someday but in the meantime this works. It’s so fun to spend time with you this way!

  2. Love, love it. It’s as nice in person as it is in the pics. It makes me want to come and have a coffee and a nice long chat with you!

  3. Your home is so cozy, fresh, beautiful and comfortable looking! I love the unique touches you have added… the living room gallery wall is so pretty! And I am amazed by how refreshed your kitchen looks. The hallway is absolutely fabulous – can’t wait for the big reveal!! Thanks for the tour!

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