Bookcase Styling {Pinterest to the Rescue}

Once I finally found all my decor items again, it was time to put the house back together again.  The quick after-Christmas clean up had left everything bare  and boring.  I was anxious to get the place “cozied up” again, but I just didn’t have a ton of time to fiddle and fuss.

However, I wanted the place to look totally different using things I already had. Yep.  I’m crazy like that.

So, what’s a girl to do?

Pinterest, of course!Smile

The first area I wanted to tackle was our Living Room bookcase.  I typed  “bookcase styling” in Pinterest’s search engine, and up popped 100s of beautiful images.  I sorted through them quickly, only pausing to pin ones that  were pretty to me.

This is the one I landed on and wanted to “copy” using my own things:


I was drawn to the simplicity and freshness of it.  White and wood colors…with a little pop of blue.

I quickly drew up a sketch of the basic layout (ie where tall things were and where the colors were) and went to my {finally!} organized decor items in the basement.  This is how it turned out.

whole scene

It’s far from identical to the original picture, but it is quickest decor styling I’ve ever done.

bookcase styling2

I also left the twinkle lights up.

twinkling bookcase

These rainy,  gray winter skies tell me it’s completely appropriate to have these little orbs of happiness still shining…Smile

old wooden chair

And, no, this chair isn’t a normal living room chair for us.  In fact, I’m quite certain it wouldn’t even hold a person up…

But, my, I think it’s cute!!  {It was my one and only “roadside rescue”!…}

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