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Silver Strand & Simply White Master Bedroom

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The other day I wrote about the power of paint in the process of transforming a room.

Take this bedroom for example:

Remember it? It was in our previous house and we called it “the coffin” when it was all dark and dreary.

A fresh coat of paint (Benjamin Moore’s White Down) helped turn it into one of our favorite spaces:

{You can read about the whole transformation here, if you missed it the first time around.}

Now we’re in a new town and new townhouse, and it was time to work on transforming our basic builder’s beige space.

I started the process by pinning a kazallion inspiration pictures on Pinterest.  When it was really time to observe them in detail, I noticed many of my favorite Modern Farmhouse bedrooms had white walls.

Since I had already tried and loved Benjamin Moore’s Simply White in our Living Room, I thought it only seemed natural to use the same white in the bedroom.

I knew it would be a pretty dramatic change from the dark beige on the wall, and I couldn’t wait to get started!

Although I knew painting white would be challenging, little did I know it would take 4 coats of paint to cover the beige! Once I got it all finished, I began to question my white decision…

It seemed SO WHITE!

However, I was determined to give it a try after all that painting. (And using up an entire can of paint…)

I kept referring to my inspiration pictures and noticed that black items look so classy against crisp white. So, up went a black curtain rod (from Ikea) with some long white curtains.

Ahh…that was better already.

Then, I got to pondering a feature wall color option.  After studying swatches and swatches, I finally decided to go for it.

I chose a soft gray-blue color that Joanna Gaines has used often in her makeovers ~ Silver Strand by Sherwin Williams.

I cannot tell you what a huge difference adding that color made! It softened up the space and made it feel warm and welcoming.

Our space went from boring and bland beige…

To something more modern and serene.

{Are you wondering why the headboard is off in the pictures? It got a little transformation of its own…;}

You can see the “befores” and tour our Master Bedroom here:

A sampling of my favorite inspiration Modern Farmhouse Bedrooms are here:

And, wondering how to pick a paint color? You can find my tips & tricks here:


Thanks for sharing!

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  1. Hi Rita
    It looks gorgeous! Is it a bit on the grey side or green side (the Silver Strand color)? I think I should go and get some swatches!! You make me excited to paint our room too. It has been too brown for a loooong time!

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