Easy Wall Art Using Free Winter Botanical Prints

Although it’s fun and exciting to put up all the Christmas decorations, sometimes it’s hard to figure out what Winter decorations to put up after the holidays are over!

Today I want to show you a quick and easy Winter wall decor idea using free Winter botanical prints.

How to Use Vintage Botanical Prints as Winter Decorations

If you’ve been a reader here for a while, you may recall I used vintage botanical prints for Christmas decor in our master bedroom. Last month it looked like this:

free printable winter wall art prints hanging on a wall. These free vintage winter printables feature pine cone botanical art.
I used vintage pine cone botanical prints to create Christmas Wall art in our bedroom.

To quickly & easily turn the Christmas decor into Winter decor, this is what I did:

1. Remove the Christmas specific items – 

like the garland, lights and Christmas arrangement.

Winter botanical prints used as christmas decorations on a wall

2. Replace Christmas ribbon on picture frames with jute and hang from the pegs.

Since this space has a peg shelf, I decided to hang the pictures from the pegs. If you don’t have a wall with a peg shelf, another idea would be to hang them as a gallery wall arrangement.

3. Add neutral decor on the surfaces around the Winter wall decor.

I have a stash of old books that seem to work in every situation! Adding a few live plants and a candle finished off this quick and easy Winter wall decor.

free vintage winter printables (botanical pine cones) hung on the wall above a dresser with live plants and antique books sitting on it. It shows how free printable winter wall art can be used.

How to get your own set of free vintage botanical winter art prints

If you haven’t yet gotten your own set of these free botanical printables, you can find them in my printables library (password protected for VIP newsletter subscribers).

If you aren’t yet a VIP newsletter subscriber, you can become one now.  Just click here or the button below to get instant access to the password for the entire library  of free printables.

How to Print off Free Printables with your Home Printer

I recommend printing off printable wall art on cardstock (which is thicker and has more texture than basic printer/ copy paper) with the following supplies (affiliate links):

If you’d rather, you can have it printed on cardstock through your favorite print shop.

For more ideas on how to use free printables as wall decor, you may want to check out:

And, here you can find: Winter decoration ideas for shelves.

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One Comment

  1. Rita, I like your adaptation from Christmas to just winter decor.
    The pine branch pictures are perfect for Jan. I had the
    same challenge with transitioning my front door potted Christmas tree – with a nice aqua pot and ditching the seasonal
    red bow.
    Thanks for your help.

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