May Highlights

I realize that May officially ended 6 days ago, but I figured it didn’t end so long ago that we couldn’t stroll down its memory lane…

May brought with it a good dose of sunshine.  I am beyond grateful.  The blue skies and sunshine gave a fresh burst of energy for:


outdoor living slide

The Outdoor Living Room at my “Thursday House”

flower bed fix slide

Our mangled flower beds finally got fixed, and the whole front patio got a makeover in the process-

front door slide

including a new look at the front door.

The sunshine also inspired some changes


pitchers with flowers

                                                    The Living Room got “floofed” up

beach cottage bedroom labeled

                      and the Master Bedroom got a whole new look.

For those of you who are also learning WordPress and graphic design the DIY way, I know you will celebrate with me these little {time consuming and slightly terrifying} BLOG DESIGN CHANGES:

  • Meteor slides Plug-In was installed. {You can see it working on the top of the sidebar.}
  • The meteor slides process steered me into the direction of the amazing OpenHook Plug-In for Thesis.  I don’t begin to understand it yet, but my, is it fascinating.
  • A new custom font was installed {for the post titles} through Google Web Fonts
  • The sidebar was changed to include a coral accent color and dotted lines around the widgets.
  • I also put my brave on and posted a question in the Thesis support forum.  Turns out, it’s a great way to get answers quickly…


To those of you who come to this little blog to read it.  Blogging would be so lonely without you!  Thank you for your kind comments {I read every one of them}, encouraging words, and friendship. It’s so fun for me to have a whole new group of “friends” that I’ve only met through  words on a computer.  Thank you for blessing my heart~

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