How to Make a No Sew Ruffled Bedskirt

In this article: Learn how to make a no sew ruffled bedskirt with 3 Ikea sheets!

I didn’t think I was a “ruffle” kind of girl.  But, images have been popping up all over that have changed my mind: ruffled tableclothes,  curtains,  bedspreads,and, delightfully soft and dreamy ruffled bed skirts.  (One of my favorites can be purchased for $160.00!)

When I was completing the bedroom makeover, the wood frame of the bed showing just wasn’t working for me.  I really wanted a ruffled bed skirt, but just couldn’t bear the thought of ruffling miles and miles of fabric.  However, if you are so inclined to do that (and by all means, go for it!), I found this delightful list of ruffle tutorials for you:

ruffle tutorials

How to Make a No Sew Ruffled Bedskirt

My method is oh, so not the “right” way.  In fact, I’m slightly embarrassed to tell you what it is…{Not really!}

no sew ruffled bedskirt from 2 Ikea sheets at

Supplies Needed:

  • 3 twin sized flat sheets from Ikea

During one of my foray’s in Ikea’s “as is” department, I picked up 4 of these for $2.00 each.

no sew ruffled bedskirt from 2 Ikea sheets at

I didn’t know at the time what they really were.  The fabric is quite sheer, yet “twin” is written on it.  I’m assuming it is a twin sheet, but I picked them up thinking they could possibly be sewn into curtains.

Instead, they became my no sew ruffled bed skirt – in about 2 minutes flat.

Lay one sheet on the bed and fold it together so the top hem is 6 inches above the bottom hem.

Like this:

no sew ruffled bedskirt from 2 Ikea sheets at

Folded it down again so that the folded edge becomes about 6 inches above the second hemmed area.

no sew ruffled bedskirt from 2 Ikea sheets at

It will become a simulated the look of three “ruffle” areas.

Carefully lift the folded sheet up by the folded edge, and stuffed it under the mattress on one side. Adjust it as necessary so it becomes evenly ruffled and the right length.

no sew ruffled bedskirt from 2 Ikea sheets at

Repeat the same steps for the other side of the bed and the foot of the bed.

You will use three sheets in total ~one on each side and one on the foot end.

no sew ruffled bedskirt from 2 Ikea sheets at

It’s not perfectly perfect, but a little “shabby beachy chic” ~ just what I love.  Because I had to shove it under the mattress a fair bit, it seems to stay in place quite nicely.  Every now and then I need to tuck it in a bit, but so far it hasn’t been too fussy. {Definitely a must in my book!  I don’t deal well with “fussy”!}

no sew ruffled bedskirt from 2 Ikea sheets at

{For the whole Beach Cottage Makeover, click here}

beach cottage bedroom makeover at


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  1. Your bedroom is gorgeous! I’ve pinned it for inspiration for my future bedroom. By the way, I bought a beautiful ruffled bedskirt on for about $30.

  2. You should get a 5th sheet and sew that and the 4th sheet together. Then, sew the three sides to that and you won’t have to worry about tucking it in anymore!

  3. Your bed skirt turned out so pretty! I wasn’t so sure about ruffles before either but now I’m slowly changing my mind! I have this linked to my bed skirts post as well today, nice job!

  4. You have just saved me about $50! Seriously, I have been scouring the internet for a white ruffled bedskirt for days now to find the least expensive one and once again tonight I was on my mission and I was fortunate to find you!!!
    Love what you did! So easy and so gorgeous. Thank you so much.

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