Watercolor Art Prints Using Painters Tape

Create beautiful art prints by using this easy watercolor art technique using painters tape! It’s a fun craft idea for both kids and adults.

I discovered this watercolour art idea when I was looking for easy camp craft ideas for younger kids.   Design Dazzle has a  “Summer Camp” series with craft ideas galore.  This particular idea was a guest post from Centsational Girl and quite ingenious, I think.

I added to her idea and used masking tape along with letter stickers to create a design, watercoloured over it, and then pulled off the tape and stickers…

chevron water color

I thought kids might like to do their initials.  {I chose the letters that I thought would be least used…}

And this idea of “birch trees” was inspired by an image I saw on It All Started with Paint.


I’ve never water coloured before, but I can see how it could be tons of fun!

For the youngest kids, I thought using the crayon resist watercolour method (like shown here) would be fun, as well.

For more camp craft ideas

Summer at a Camp!

I’m not sure how summer days look for you, but for me, they are sometimes crazy busy.  I’ve often pondered what the “lazy days of summer” means…  Certainly the person who coined that phrase did not live at a camp!Smile

I’m going to do my best to juggle my duties at camp and keep up blogging.  But, reality tells me that some days it just might not happen.  I’m certainly not going to stress about it.  So, if you stop by someday and I haven’t written, rest assured, I’ll be back.  I’ll still read and appreciate your comments, but if I don’t reply right away, you’ll know why.

And, if you are enjoying a “lazy day of summer”, good for you!!

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