How to Stage a Room for a Photo Shoot

I got an exciting e-mail from a magazine the other day.  I’ll leave it at that for now since nothing is determined at this point. But, they requested some pictures of our kitchen.  Let me tell ya’…that’s motivating!

I’m not exactly sure how the “pros” stage a room, but here’s my process (that I learned from reading how the “pros” do it!  tee hee):

First of all, realize magazine rooms aren’t reality.  Here’s reality:

reality 1

And this, too…

reality 2

Did I just hear you gasp?   I’m terribly sorry if you thought my house was picture perfect at all times.  Obviously, it isn’t.  But, it really didn’t take long to get it in some semblance of order once I stopped crafting got to speed cleaning.

It was much better, but then I needed to get nit picky about all the details.  I removed/ fixed the obvious unsightly things:

remove and edit with circles

Once all the extra “uglies” were removed, I added in accessories where needed.  I again went to the the flower beds for some colour.

staged kitchen 2

Then I just moved and mixed things around until the room seemed balanced and in order.

So, here it is (like magic??)


reality 2

And after:

towards window


coffee station before


coffee station after


remove and edit



Ahhh…if only it could stay that way…Winking smile

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  1. Besides that I just came across your kitchen and love it (and shared on FB) I have to thank you! Thank you for sharing your photos of real life! So many times I have been to other blogs and wonder if any one lives there or how do they keep it so clean with kids running around!? I have no kids at home any more and my rooms are not always ‘magazine ready’ and still share pictures. I took a panoramic picture of my kitchen that wound up posted to show my mother that lives up north. It wasn’t until I posted it that I realized I forgot to take the garbage out and was in the process of cleaning up… it just hit me to show her a picture! LOL so THANK YOU for sharing real life!!

  2. Your post made me laugh. I love to stage an area and take photos knowing that right behind me are piled all the things I had to move out of the way. My husband threatens to post pictures of “what’s behind the shot”. Good to know that I’m not the only one that has a lived in house!

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