Across the Lake and Through the Woods…

I’ve just returned from spending 6 days cooking in the woods for  45 teenagers.  I’m sitting here savouring the smell of clothes with Downy scent (not smoke!) and clean, blow-dried hair.

And, I’ve just discovered the ladies over At The Picket Fence featured my post about my mom while I was gone. The sweet comments you  left me have touched my heart.  Thank you for sharing your own journeys of loving and letting go.


Before I settle in for a (really) long nap, I want to tell you what I’ve been up to.  As you may (or may not) know, my husband and I have lived/ worked at a camp for 20 years.  My first “real” camping experiences began then, at the location I’ve just returned from.

The first few days were –as per usual – rainy.  But, this time, it was the epic proportion variety.  The paths were slimy mud trails, the rain pounded down on the overhead tarps, and hot chocolate was consumed in large proportions.   I became extremely grateful for my waterproof fur-lined boots and hoodie that I tied securely around my head to stay warm at night.

You’ll notice I have no pictures of those days.  Honestly, I was afraid for my camera’s life and I dared not remove it.

But THEN – oh, glorious day! – the sun came out and has been out to stay.




Last year I was introduced to the term “glamping”.  It refers to a new trend of “glamorous camping”.  The article I read on it featured posh, designer tents with French linens and lakeside meals were provided by gourmet chefs.  I found the whole thing fascinating, and the term just makes me laugh…  I decided that I’m going to call the cooking I just did “glamping” too…

It’s not every day you can go out in the woods and find a custom built kitchen like this – complete with a walk-in pantry,

pantry and pans


a wash station with instant (propane) hot water ,

washing station

A beautiful propane stove (with built-in griddle) and oven,


an open cupboard unit that folds up for easy winter storage (sorry, but I didn’t take time to stage it…),

open cupboards

and a buffet table and seating under a tarp for 50+…

buffet table


It is a delight to cook for people in the woods.  All the fresh air and exercise makes hearty appetites, and the kids have been grateful and appreciative– which is also nice.

Obviously, the days are busy and cooking is sort of an all-day affair.  But, one morning the teens were all away and my husband and I shared a peaceful cup of coffee…


while looking at this…

the morning lake

Yep.  Glamping, indeed.:)



I don’t have a picture of my most precious memory of the week.  As I was laying in my tent last night and drifting off to sleep, I heard the kids start to sing…

“The Lord loves me,

and oh, what a wonder I see,

a rainbow shines through my window

The Lord loves me…”

I tell you what~

In the stillness of a moonlit night in the woods,

there is no sound more beautiful than that.

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  1. Oh Rita – what a blessing you must be to those teens! I worked at a local Christian youth camp for a couple years quite a few years ago, and what a joy it was! I can’t believe the beauty that surrounds that camp, though. Where is it??

    xoxo laurie

  2. Wow you are truly blessed by your surroundings. I’d have to agree with your assessment of your own glamping! It is spectacular.

  3. All I can say is thank you! We have never been to your camp or even met you in person but I am eternally grateful for the willing hearts of those who work at Christian camps, both youth and adult world wide!!

    xoxo, Peggy

  4. Your ‘glamping’ sounds like a lot of work, but well worth it all in the end. The kids singing really got me in the end. I have become your newest follower and look forward to reading your future posts.

  5. OH man! Just had a seriously flashback. I now sing that song to my girls before bed and I LOVE that it’s still echoing through those woods. Love you guys and all the work you do. xo

  6. Thank you Rita, for looking after my girlie and for capturing just exactly why it was SUCH A TREAT to have our precious family time at Woodsman this past week – a Family Camp to be remembered!!!! Love it at Woodsman!

  7. Both my kids went to Camp Homewood when they were young, and now my son Cameron is married to Kim (above) and they go as a family every year.
    This year my grandaughter came as a C.I.T. & plans to be a camp counsellor next summer for the whole summer. She loves it so much she wanted to stay the whole summer this year but they were already full.
    Although I have never met you, my family knows you well. You are a blessing to all. Thank you.

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